Parker Hale unveiled

Started by sakorick, June 03, 2005, 06:45:47 PM

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I'm tempted to lock this thread so new ones will start. When a thread gets too long and covers EIGHT YEARS, good information can get lost because no one will want to read through 260+ posts to find some tidbit of information. I would suggest that all y'all PH owners/shooters start new threads so the information can be easier to find.

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Probably a good Idea , In future I will start a new thread


There is stampings on the left wall of the action or looks to be. What does it say?

I am wondering if it's a Hussar but they are so marked on the action.  If not then it seems to be a sporterised Mauser 98 with a couple of P-H bits fitted. Parker-Hale brought their stocks from Sile of Italy as did BSA in later years.

I have never seen that bolt handle treatment on a P-H and cannot access the photos I did have of the Hussar... never seen on in the flesh so to speak.
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Its a Parker Hale action , see photos of the action .... and was a complete parker hale rifle at one stage . old barrel has long gone ...