Happy B'day and Merry Xmas, Evan

Started by sakorick, October 26, 2022, 12:53:33 PM

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Evan is a sophomore this year at Piper HS. He has a 25 at the school's trap range this year, completed Trig and Geometry last year and taking Calculus this year. Evan has never gotten anything less than straight A's in school and is in the gifted program. He is also on the swimming and baseball teams. The other day he gave me a course on Fibonacci Numbers. So......I gave him my little used .270. He will shoot it tomorrow for the first time and kill a big buck on the Missouri Youth season which opens this Saturday. I checked the loads a little while ago. Shot 1&2 then down 4 clicks for 3&4. We'll be sitting in the South Stand and the max range there is 130 yards.
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