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RELOADING / .22 Magnum Subsonics
April 10, 2015, 09:57:09 AM
I went looking after reading the thread on reloading a .22 Hornet where Paul mentioned he was looking at loading back to subsonic levels. I wanted to see if something was available to the non reloader. The best I could find was this .22 Magnum subsonic load.
 I found this from Winchester Australia.
 I don't think it will sell too well hear in Australia, mainly due to the price. The price in the USA will be much cheaper.
 I like having another option out there though, options and choice are good, but I can't help think that this is an answer to a problem that never existed.
THE CAMPFIRE / Last days of Vietnam
March 29, 2015, 03:45:38 AM
I just finished watching a doco titled "Last days of Vietnam", which focused on the final weeks leading up to, and including the evacuation of the US military, citizens and South Vietnamese.
 Looking beyond all the faults, stuff ups, deception it showed the true character, courage, dedication and tenacity of those involved in the evacuation when everything went pear shaped.
 And the human factor too, scores of boats with hundred of people on board just floating off shore when they ran out of fuel.
 The incredible risks taken by people to escape the communist soldiers.
 The lower level US military commanders and officials doing things on the sly just to make sure things got done. Rules that were ignored, circumvented, bent just to provide for the humanitarian effort that was required.
 Then of course those who were left behind.
 Sad story but one that should be told and understood.
 Here is the link.
 Please take the time to watch it.
Reference Library / Reloading with the Lee Loader
August 11, 2010, 10:09:15 PM
Here is an "over the shoulder" look at reloading with the Lee Loader.
First, the kit.

From L-R, the die, bullet seater / priming chamber, priming rod, decapping rod, decapping chamber and powder measure.
First, place your case base first in the decapping chamber. Insert the decapping rod and give a sharp tap with a plastic hammer and tap out the spent primer.

Next place the deprimed case into the die and tap home flush with the base of the die. This process sizes the neck only. (In some of the older sets, this is a full-length resize.)

To prime the sized case place a primer into the priming chamber.

Leaving the cartridge in the die, place the base of the case over the priming chamber, insert the priming rod into the neck of the case and tap the primer into place. Check to see that the primer is flush with the base of the case.

Once the primer is seated place the die over the decapping chamber and using the priming rod tap the case free from the die, but leave the die sitting over the case

Using the powder measure provided or a powder scale, drop a measured amount of powder into the case through the top of the die.

Next drop the projectile in through the top of the die.

Insert the bullet seater in through the top of the die.

Tap the top of the bullet seater home. This seats the projectile into the case. (You can adjust the seating depth by screwing the top of the die in or out of the body. Once adjusted lock it into place with the locking collar.)

Lift the die from the case.

You should have a reloaded cartridge ready to go.

Happy shooting!
THE CAMPFIRE / Australia Day
January 14, 2015, 02:23:36 PM
Australia Day is coming up on the 26th January.
 Here are a couple of clips to take a look at. I really don't expect anyone outside of OZ will get them, especially the second one, but I think they are pretty good all the same.
THE CAMPFIRE / The "Merry Christmas" thread
December 13, 2014, 10:27:35 PM
I know it is early but very soon I'll be uncontactable, kicking back on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. :cool:

So to everyone here at THL, and to the lurkers also, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Have fun, enjoy the time with your families and please stay safe.

Merry Christmas THL!!! :MOGRIN:
FIREARMS & OPTICS / Which rifle?
November 13, 2014, 02:35:09 AM
First some background information. When my eldest daughter turns 12 she can legally shoot. I will sign her up in the SSAA Jnr Develpment Program where she can learn all the skills and safety, gain her licences and permits, get alot of range time and have a chance to compete in various shooting comps, abeit in a social environment. She will also head out with me and attempt to bring home some bunnies.

I still have over 12 months before she turns 12. I would like to have the rifle for her 12th birthday and I will need to save up for it too. And I may even need a long lead time before the rifle actually arrives after placing the order.

A couple of the rifles I am looking at are CZ452 and the Ruger American Rimfire Compact (RAR).

The CZ is over double the cost of the RAR but a much better rifle. I understand it is also the most common type the kids shoot with during the program. I like the timber / blued look. So does my daughter. But the rifle is probably going to be a little big for her at first.
The RAR is half the cost of the CZ. It also has open sights, something I think is important for a youngster to learn with. It is very light and comes in a carbine version and short stock insert that I think will suit her better. I'm not keen on the plastic stock, but she is and this will be her rifle. It is more important for her to like her rifle than me. I'll be happy if she is happy. :)
I have looked and the "newer" JW15 and the stock has too mch drop. I have looked at the Savage, Stevens and some others and they compared quite well to the Ruger as well.

Any other rifles I should be considering? Bear in mind this is OZ and buying rifles are fairly expensive. I don't want to get a "starter" rifle and then have to upgrade later on. So rifles like the Cricket are out.

Any other thoughts?
FIREARMS & OPTICS / Lithy 101 Range Report.
November 04, 2014, 06:18:35 PM
I had a chance to get my Lithgow 101 out to the "local" indoor range.
The rifle is fitted with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 BCD Rimfire scope and some cheap CCOP QD rings.
I tried out more than a few different types of ammunition too, just to see how they go. I didn't use any "match" grade ammunition though, this is a hunting rifle.
All groups were shot at 50 metres and all are 5 shot groups.
 The "10" ring is 25mm in diameter.
The indoor range has very poor lighting making it hard to see the target if you are at the far edge of the range like I was.

The Highland 40gn HP shot very average groups.

Winchester 40gn HP Power Points looked pretty good.

I also tried Winchester 40gn HP Subsonics.

I was given some of the new Winchester 42gn HP Power Point Max to try out. I was very impressed.

Even CCI Stingers shot fairly well.

I also did a remove / reattach scope test to see if I would get a return to zero. I shot a 5 shot group with Winchester Subsonics, removed the scope, refitted it and shot another 5 shot group. I'd say it was pretty good.

I'll hit the range again and give some more ammunition a go and try to get the middle shooting lane for better lighting.
This rifle does shoot well. It feeds perfectly and cycles very smoothly. But I still can't "love" the plastic stock. There's just something about it. That said, this is a great rifle.
I'm looking forward to the .308 version when it is released.
 Thumbhole one piece stock. The only thing is that is for cacky handers, although I'm sure that that could be fixed. :grin:
FIREARMS & OPTICS / My new Lithgow
September 28, 2014, 08:50:38 PM
My Lithy 101 arrived a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for the rings to arrive before I put up a post of the rifle.
For those of you unfamiliar with the rifle Lithgow Arms have a page.

So here is the rifle.

The stock is synthetic, made from the same material as our F88 service rifles. It is a very good stock, better than most others out there.
The barrel and action are cerrokoted "Sniper Grey".
The bolt is a rear locking 3 lug design. Over kill for a .22lr but it's very good.

The action is very smooth, although a little bit tight.
I mounted a Nikkon Prostaff 3-9x40 Rimfire scope with the BDC reticle. Again I know overkill for a .22lr but lately I have been having fun shooting away at 100metres with my other .22 and thought the extra magnification would come in handy.
The magazine is clear plastic. In the same style as the F88 magazines. A bit of a gimmick but it doesn't detract from anything.

These rifles use CZ .22 magazines as well. I tried my Norinco Brno 1 copy and the magazine doesn't fit. New CZ magazines do fit.
I wish Lithgow had used Rugers 10 shot magazine instead. This would be a way better option.
Overall this is a very good rifle. I'm not too keen on the plastic bits but when compared to another good selling rifle in the same price range which uses a lot of plastic too, the Tikka T3, it's still OK.

So in the end, I like this rifle. But then again I want to like this rifle. I'm not in love with it. I love blued and timber. Everything on the rifle is very good, well made, excellent quality.
Lithgow is supposed to be putting out a .308 and .223 centre rifle in the future. Based upon what I see with this rifle I would be very interested in getting a couple when they are released.
THE CAMPFIRE / Has anyone dealt with these guys?
September 09, 2014, 03:42:31 PM
I ordered some QD rings from this mob
 I placed the order back on the 8th August through paypal. The money has been paid but I haven't received the rings. I haven't even been told if the rings have been shipped.
 I have tried to contact them via email, but I get no reply.
 Does anyone know about this company? Are they legit? If not I'll start the process to get my money back.
Today is the 48th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. A group of young men thrown into an incredible contact and stood their ground and achieved the impossible. Had they not done so the outcome would have most likely been very different for those at the Task Force Base at Nui Dat.

I visited Long Tan in September 2013. At the Long Tan Cross we laid poppies to remember our fallen soldiers and lit incense to remember the young NVA soldiers who also fought so bravely.

If you have not seen it, please take the time to watch this documentary.

Lest we forget.
THE CAMPFIRE / Deep dark place.
July 11, 2014, 01:30:57 PM
Hi all, just some ramblings to try to clear my head.
 I have been spending less and less time here. In fact I have been spending less and less time doing anything. About 18 months ago I have started on a decline that I am struggling to get out of. I have no idea why.
 Mid life crisis? Depression? PTSD? A mix of everything?
 I have a great family, a great job. and do some excellent work in the community (I'll give myself a pat on the back here. I'm told it can be good for you)
 I was getting on top of things and making good progress until a couple of days ago when I received a huge kick in the guts. The one thing that I have been putting my energy into and focused on and dedicated 15 years of my spare time has just turned out to be a sham. Stabbed in the back by my so-called mates. Not all of them, just a (valuable) few. The few who I thought mattered.
 I'm at a loss now. I haven't slept for a couple of days. I walked out on my birthday dinner last night, my fault not my family's. I'm struggling to comprehend my own thoughts and can't think clearly.
 I am getting help but I just needed to clear my head.
THE CAMPFIRE / Sakorick in Vietnam
March 09, 2014, 03:44:49 PM
Just so I don't hijack kombi's thread...
Quote from: sakorick;131383We worked with the Aussie Army for 2 weeks in '67 when I first got in country. We had no problems with communication and everything we said to each other was crystal. When things were going good it was good. When things were going bad, everyone knew it.
 Warrant Officers weren't allowed in the "Officers Club".

 Which part of the country was this in Rick? And do you know the month? We could work out which operation you work on. By 1967 the Australians had established an area of operations in the Phuoc Tuy Province and a base a Nui Dat with logistics at Vung Tu.
Parker Hale/BSA Rifles / BSA in .22 Hornet
January 14, 2014, 01:12:57 PM
BH, have you ever seen one of these?
 Calibre/Item: 22 Hornet
Make: BSA
Model: Hunter Regent
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: 4x40 Tasco
Serial No: C1B536
Condition: Good
Price: $775
Advertised: 15/01/2014
Licence number: 562-500-10B
Phone: 0427 633 000
Comment: rare mini Mauser style BSA CRF action from the mid 50´s. Has some bore blemishes but shoots well
Transfering dealer: Whitehorse Arms 709 Whitehorse Rd Mont Albert Vic
FIREARMS & OPTICS / The Gamekeepers unrelated cousin
January 08, 2014, 03:23:12 PM
After seeing Joe's thread in the Airgun section on "The Gamekeeper" I thought it would be interesting to post this target rifle also based upon the L1A1, or SLR as we know them in OZ. The rifle wasn't successful, not as accurate as an Omark (see this thread, and cost way more.

 SAF Lithgow Target Rifle

 By the mid 1960's the National Rifle Association was looking for a new competition rifle that took the 7.62mm NATO round. The Lithgow Factory was informed of their requirements and set about producing a suitable weapon
 After a number of prototypes a single shot 7.62mm target rifle based on the then current L1A1 Service rifle was produced. It was made exclusively at Lithgow SAF and had an adapter plate for a Central aperture sight fitted as standard.
 Originally designated the 'SAF Target Rifle 7.62mm', the word 'Lithgow' was added to the name in 1969. The design was not really successful with most competition shooters preferring a conventional bolt action rifle. As a result only around 130 of these rifles were manufactured.
MAKING STUFF / D.I.Y Bonded Core Projetiles
November 23, 2013, 02:49:09 PM
Following Gitanos thread on bonded core projectile R.J. suggested a way to bond the core of conventional projectiles by heating them up until the lead melts and then letting it cool.

Do you think this would work? From my knowledge of welding and soldering you really need to have a clean jacket for the lead to "stick". A rough sandblasted finish was what we would use for braising electrical connections.
I'm interested in seeing this in some .308 Speer HP's, just to find out if it does "work".
FIREARMS & OPTICS / .303-25 Range Report.
November 12, 2013, 06:14:00 PM
OK this one is for Kombi.

My No.4 in .303-25.

I took this rifle out to the range to shoot in between groups of my .280 British. Distance was 50 metres.

My standard load is 38.5gns AR2208 Nosler BT. .303 PPU reformed cases.
I wanted to have a play and try a couple of things. Some groups didn't work out but a couple did. I throw together a load using AR2208 and a Lee Dipper, this gave a charge of approx. 37.5gns. Shot quite well too.

Here is another group with the same load. This time I just fired as soon as the crosshairs were on target. Still pretty good.

I also tried a load based upon Kombi's AR2206. I tried 31.5gns of AR2206H, this was again measured using a Lee Dipper. It shot a 3 shot group low so I moved the sight up, shot a 2 shot group, moved the sight again for the last one.

I was surprised how good the Lee Dippers are, with some practice you can get them to measure very accurately.
So, do I go for the accuracy of the 31.5gn load or the extra velocity of the 37.5gn load?
I won't go into detail about my .280 British. For those that want to they can view the thread.

I had received the rifle back from the Gunsmith quite a while ago but because of numerous reason wasn't able to get to load and shoot until now.
I made up some loads using Gitano's Quickload data he provided for me.
AR2219 powder, Hornady 120gn VMax. Cases were formed from Remington .243 brass and sparked off with Remington large rifle primers. Loads ranged from 30.5gns to 32.5gn in .5gn increment's. Quickload said a max of 32 gns based upon my self imposed pressure limit, however I loaded .5 more just to see how things went. With the 32.5gn load the cases still showed no pressure signs. I wish I had loaded up some 33gns and 33.5gns.
I won't bore you with too many photos of targets, but lets say that no load I tried was "awful". All targets were shot at 50 metres, the limit of the indoor range. This was just to get everything dialled in.
Next outing I will make the long trip out to the 100 /200 metre range.

The 31.5gn load shot well. I shot 4 shots and them shifted the sight across to try to zero.

But it was the 32.5gn load that showed promise.

With the increase in powder charge the groups got smaller and more consistent. This is why I wish I had loaded up some at 33gn and 33.5gns.

Anyway, even with these results I have to say that I am pretty happy.
It's a great little cartridge, mild to shoot, accurate enough.
THE CAMPFIRE / Vietnam trip.
October 10, 2013, 04:10:41 PM
I finally had some time to get some pics together of this trip. I was really looking forward to this as over the last 8 month "I have not been in a good place" so to speak.

The whole trip was supposed to be 4 day, simply focused on visiting Dien Bien Phu, where the French were defeated by General Giap and the Viet Minh. D.B.P. fascinates me no end. If you really study the battle and the individual engagments you will understand why.
Anyway best laid plans and all that, the trip got bigger than Ben Hur. 4 families and 2 weeks later....

Landing in Saigon awaiting transfer to Hanoi, the part of the airport we were in looked like it hadn't changed since the Americans built it back in the mid 60's. Like so much of Vietnam.
We arrived in Hanoi and the next day my dad, my brother in law and myself flew out to D.B.P. while the rest of the families went to HaLong Bay.

The plane circled over D.B.P. and I could get my bearings.

The "Elianes" are on the left of the picture.

We spent 2 1/2 days going around D.B.P. looking at what is left of the battlefields. Some parts, are well preserved others not so much. Hill A1, (Eliane 2) is the best preserved.

Looking back up towards Eliane 2 from near the mine crater.

We went up to Gabrielle and found some old 9mm cases and a 7.5mm projectile while pocking around in the dirt.

The 105mm cannons that took a heavy toll from Giaps artillery.

The reason why the French couldn't counter the Viet's artillery. They were dug into casements into the hill side. An extraordinary effort.

The French memorial at Dien Bien Phu. There are only two memorials in Vietnam dedicated to foreign forces. The first is for the Australians at Long Tan (more on this later) the second is to the French here at D.B.P.
Interestingly there are no cemeteries dedicated to the South Vietnamese either, they were all destroyed after 1975. However one of the monuments at D.B.P. on Eliane 2 highlight the courage shown by 5BPVN, a Vietnamese Parachute Battalion fighting for the French. Considering that these troops were considered "puppet troops" by the Viet Minh it is incredible that they even get a mention.

While in D.B.P. we met an Aussie Ex-pat by the name of Nev Tickner. Nev is a Vietnam vet, ex- artillery. He now lives in D.B.P. helping run an orphanage. A great bloke to talk to. As a side note, there are quite a few Aussie and Americans vets living in Vietnam now.

More pics to follow...
THE CAMPFIRE / What I did on tuesday....with pics.
September 13, 2013, 12:04:17 AM
As some of you might know I work as a fire fighter / rescue operator as my full time occupation. But I also am a volunteer firefighter. I don't usually "blow my own trumpet" so to speak, what happens on shift says on shift, but I thought I would acknowledge the work done by my crew this week.
On tuesday I took a crew out to a large fire that was threatening house in Sydney's west. This fire was around 1100 hectares. With everything happening with this fire and a few other fires buring around Sydney, pretty much depleated the fire services, both paid and volunteer.
The crew I had was fairly inexperianced, none had seen a fire like this.
Anyway the boys did a fantastic job, working in very average conditions. We save a few houses and in the end, working with a couple of other tankers halted the entire South East flank of the fire. Really, really hard yards.
The main "highlight" of the day was when we were lined up protectng houses on a stretch of road. Basically the fire exploded out of the bush engulfing the tanker just 50 metres down the road. As I watched this the crew of that tanker dropped their hoselines and came running down past my tanker. I counted the number of crews and thought someone was still up there. My guys, keeping cool heads, deployed a hoseline and moved forward, saving the tanker and knocking down the fire that jumped the road.
The heat given off from this fire was way beyond anything I had experianced before.
It turns out that crew members were accounted for.
I have been fighting fires all over the country for some time now and have to say that was some of the best firemanship I have seen.
Full marks to my crew who, despite being thrown into those sort of conditions, handled it with cool, disciplined heads.

Here is a link to some of the pics a journo took at the job.

Pics 1,2,4,5. The tanker that got overrun is down the road. The journo was standing beside my tanker.
The pics are out of sequence.
Pic 4 is the overrun and the crew just making it out alive. Seconds after this was taken the whole tanker disappeared into a ball of flame coming out of the bush. The tanker did suffer damage but all the guys were ok.
Pic 2 is my guys moving forward to protect their tanker and look for a missing crew member.
Pic 5 is the same.
Pic 1 is my crew making their way back to our tanker.