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Started by farmboy, November 05, 2014, 05:08:10 PM

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Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask how your government can go away and get out of your life.
The unarmed man is is not only defenseless, he is also contemptible.
Niccolo Machiavelli

drinksgin (deceased)

Quote from: j0e_bl0ggs;135026Right in this image I indicate where you must not have any spaces...

This is the link to your picture on photobucket;

you can copy this into the address bar of your browser and it will take you to your photo to prove the link works.

You can add that to the insert pictures dialog or add tags to the beginning and end (take note of the front-slash to the end tag).
Do you notice that the tags do nothing here because of the space between them?

Here is your url with the tags...

Any problems please ask.
Duhh, whatedhe say?
Joe, you REALLY need to learn old phartese.

It is all I can do to edit a picture down to less than 90K and make it an attachment.
I have NEVER had any luck with PB.
NRA life, TSRA life, SAF life, GOA, CCRKBA, DEF -CON


Do you have Skype, Don?

Be nicer than necessary.

drinksgin (deceased)

I do not even know what that is, sorry.
NRA life, TSRA life, SAF life, GOA, CCRKBA, DEF -CON


I'll call you tomorrow.

Be nicer than necessary.


good job nice pic have a good day