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Started by Hunterbug, October 26, 2014, 03:26:19 PM

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With Hunter graduating from basic training this fall I knew that I wouldn't have much time to hunt so I only got a doe tag for an area where I was confident that I wouldn't have much trouble filling it. Turns out the deer had other ideas. I got up there on Friday night and my buddy Spencer and I set up our camp. The next morning we headed to the spot where I've killed deer in the past and Hunter and I killed two deer on opening day last year. We saw nothing! There wasn't even fresh sign. So we started looking at some of the other places. We saw nothing. Didn't see a single deer until 6pm and they were on private property. So Sunday morning we decided to try higher elevation. We went way Mack in but there were lots of other hunters. On our way back out we saw 2 or 3 deer in the heavy timber. We got out but never saw them again or got a shot. So we got back in and headed on our way. Near the bottom of the hill I spotted a doe about 150 yards off. A quick check of the map confirmed that she was on BLM land. We jumped out and Spence spotted a second doe. He let me shoot first. I fired and my deer moved but she was acting sick. He fired and his dropped. I shot a second time and mine dropped. I got to his deer first. It'll never bark at him again. ;) Then I found mine, a nice fat doe. We were close to camp so we drug them out and took them back so that his 4 year old could see.

My deer was near the green tree in the middle of the sage and I'm next to the truck.

Here is Spence with his deer. It was the yearling to my deer.

Here I am with my deer where she fell.

Here she is after I drug her across the stream.

She was 84 pounds going into the processor. That would put her at about 160 pounds live weight and 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 years old. On Tuesday I'll pick up the meat and see how much I get.
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Awesome job my friend! Enjoy that meat! God bless.
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Good going and good eats. You should have had your flyrod for a limit of Brookies to go with the Venison!
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Nice going Pat !    I`m envious of your success.  I was out the last two days to my familiar stomping grounds only to  find that the land owner cut most of the CRP and had planted winter wheat.  Not a deer to be found for two days.  I did a bit of exploring the last day and came across the biggest darn buck I`ve ever seen. Unfortunately it was the south end of a rapidly heading north bound monster muley.  It was truly a monster so much so that it looked like a freak of nature.   I`ve never seen one with such a wide rack.  It simply `vanished` in the coulee.  Like they say,  they don`t get that big by being stupid.  I`m going back out there Wed for a couple more days and then it`s off to Elk country.  Our elk  hunt area got changed at the last moment when the new land owner ( 18 yr old  inherited the land from his grandfather)  simply said `no` to us.  ?????  Nothing like having the rug pulled out from under us at the last moment.  No time to scout new territory so we`re just going in kinda blind.  More to come...........
     Nice going buddy !!!!!!  Talk to you soon.


I thought of that, Rick and if I had had more time I would have. I might make a trip up there next summer just to do some fishing. We were right next to the Colorado River so there was some nice waters to fish. We also saw a cow and calf moose.

Jeff, that just sucks the whole way around. We'll have to talk before next spring and see about your options.
Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask how your government can go away and get out of your life.
The unarmed man is is not only defenseless, he is also contemptible.
Niccolo Machiavelli

buckshot roberts

:2thumbsup:awesome, just awesome................Ron
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