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Started by bearzden, July 31, 2007, 03:35:48 PM

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How's this for irony?  I put in for my 4th season deer tag back in March.  Well low and behold...I got my tag for the best season Colorado has to offer and the boss ( Not my at home boss) the work boss says he doesn't think I'll be able to take the time off in November...What gives?? I only asked for half of October and all of Nevember???
What should I do?...any suggestions

recoil junky

Uh. . . . . . . QUIT!!!!!!

If you've got time coming I'd sure let you go. . . . . . . . .If I could come along.

Keep us posted. I'm sure if your boss has any compassion at all you'll be deer hunting this fall.

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Paul Hoskins

Take the boss and come back without him.   ............Paul H

m gardner

I went to work this past february here in Mesa Az. and one of the stipulations was that I took time off when I felt the urge. I managed to draw a 4th season mule deer tag too. So didn't my friend Crazy Dave. We'll be there. My last job the young manager came to me and said that he couldn't let me have time off for hunting and I told him he'd notice that I was gone on those days and to deal with it the best he could. It's not bad being old and intolerant. When people find out there is no leverage against you they usually back down.