Installation of walk in tub

Started by farmboy, April 03, 2020, 03:44:01 PM

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Lol I bought a horrendously priced walk in tub. Basically a bathing hot tub jets, air bubbler, heater, and some kind of colored lights. Thinking I would be great fun to take the rubber duck collection for a swim and feel closer to the outdoors! Lol anyhow after many trails and tribulations the farm door seal leaks. Hopefully that can be fixed as we had to have a wall taken down to get the tub into the bathroom and the wall is setup again mudded and taped painted. So the jury is still out if this American standard is worth buying! Lol the rubber ducks will stay in dry dock for another fees days.or weeks!


Those sure look interesting to me. Waiting to hear how it's going.

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