Teaming up on the foxes in 2024

Started by branxhunter, March 29, 2024, 02:26:25 AM

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So our daughter now has the shooting bug  :2thumbsup:  She looks forward to coming out spotlighting or fox whistling, and so far this year we have made a bit of a dent in the local population- I've shot 63 YTD, and she has shot 24.

She has claimed the Sako L461 HB chambered in .17-222, and I've mostly been using the Sako L461 chambered in .20-222, but the Rem700 in .22-250 annd the Brno 601 in .250 Myra have also been in on the act. Here are some pics.



Great stuff Marcus.

Thanks for taking us along!

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That's so cool! Your rifle looks really not bad. Could you tell me if it can match my LPVO scope? And this is the details of my scope.


Hello Gabe.

While I am sure the scope could be made to fit I'm not sure whether the cantilever mount would Sakos have a tapered dovetail on top of the receiver.