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THE CAMPFIRE / Bye, for now...
November 08, 2004, 08:06:01 AM
This is gonna be my last post for a long while. As you all know I'm leavin for basic training today, in about 2 hours. So I just thought I'd drop bye and give my best wishes to all my favorite cyber hunting buddies.
So see you all around March, til then keep my seat warm :)
Pvt. Randy Reamer
THE CAMPFIRE / Just got back from MEPS... :)
October 21, 2004, 09:33:37 PM
Well its final, only been waiting since June, I am leaving for basic training November 9th!!! I got enlisted as 13Bravo for you military folks, for the rest of us- Field Artillery, cannon crewmember. "Shootin' the big guns."
Also in my contract, with my 3 year enlistment, I got a $6,000 cash bonus incentive for joining this particular field as well as Airborne training as soon as I get done with my job training, not to mention a lot of money for college and the GI Bill. I guess Im serving my basic at a base in Oklahoma- never heard of it (Sill?), and my Airborne will be at Benning, GA. I also have a great shot at getting into an airborne Rangers outfit.
So for all you young people out there- think about the military! They can get you into anything you want and more. I got what I wanted- a shot at joining the elite Rangers.
Anyways, thank you all for your fellowship as I've been waiting to go. Many of you have shared with me about your military experiences and the who's/what's that lie ahead for me and I really appreciate your help and guidance. I hope that I can live up to my, and my parents, expectations throughout my career and just know that you all have helped my chances in many ways.
Hope to see you all back here in 25 weeks! (2 weeks til I go, 20 weeks for basic and AIT, 3 weeks for ariborne training)
God bless,
Pvt. Randy A. Reamer
THE WELCOME WAGON! / Hello again!
October 07, 2004, 02:08:28 AM
Hi everyone,
Chalk up one more repeat offender :) It broke my heart to see the ordeal this forum went through and I would love to see it become the thriving, hopping, place it once was!