"IMG" vs "http" for pictures

Started by gitano, August 05, 2009, 04:21:24 PM

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For everyone using a third-party host like Photobucket for your picture hosting:
If you use the "IMG" format instead of the "http" format for the URL to your pictures, they will show automatically, and we viewers won't have to click on the URL to see your picture. The "IMG" choice is the bottom selection of the four options offered (on Photobucket) when the mouse is placed on the image you want to post.

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http://www.picturelocationhere.com takes you to another web page to look at the picture(s). The forum software simply created a link from the URL.
BTW-the above link is invalid, because that page is made up.
(without the spaces) will embed the picture in your post, so it shows up without others having to click on them.
Like this:

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Maybe this should be stickied on the Support Forum?
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indeed!it shows pictures without the need to click the link.