Colorado grouse success

Started by Hunterbug, September 19, 2023, 12:17:59 PM

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With last year's harsh winter we didn't draw any big game tags this year. So I decided to concentrate of birds. Our dusky grouse season opens on September 1st and lasts until almost pheasant season. On Sunday I got up with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend. We ended the day with 3 birds, one each. With some better shooting, we would have had at least double that. Rebel worked hard and put in 14 miles while finding birds for us. I'm going back up on Saturday to try again. 
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Great stuff!

Thanks for posting.

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Wow, looks like fun Hunterbug!
Few things better than upland game over a good dog.  And Rebel looks like he fits that description.
GSPs are my favorite for that.

Good luck on Saturday!
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