Started by gitano, January 13, 2023, 10:51:47 AM

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Once again I am here to mark the passing of a dear friend. This one, Alain Truba, AKA j0e_bl0ggs.

He passed away this morning while in the care of the National Health Service in Leicester, England. Alain was a very good friend of mine. He was an exceptional engineer, and quite an accomplished machinist/"gunsmith". He was a 'no nonsense'  kind of a guy with little tolerance for BS, but a 'diplomat', he wasn't. However, he very rarely, very rarely, was wrong. Which often made his particular form of 'bedside manner' all the more aggravating. Nevertheless, he was a great asset to me and to THL, and THL would not have survived as long as it has without his help.

As you know, back in August Alain lost his beloved dog, Jesse. That, coupled with the loss of his job, (the business he had worked at for 30 years folded up), broke his spirit. Basically, he simply lost the will to live.

I shall miss Alain greatly,

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I am very sad to hear that. He always had great insight.
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Very sad news indeed! I always think of Alain when I shoot my 375 H&H. When I first got it, Alain sent me a message and told me to send the measurements of my barrel to him. When I asked why, he stated, "You need a muzzle brake for it." I told him that would not be necessary in which he replied, "just send the measurements!". I am glad I did that.
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Be nicer than necessary.

Jorge in Oz

Again big loss, I liked his direct no-nonsense approach that many may be offended but I like it when when someone tells it to you straight even if it ruffles my feathers initially. I always think about what has been said to me to see if there is truth in what is being said. Sometimes good advice doesn't come sugar coated. Much talent gone there. Very sad.
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