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Started by Hunterbug, September 25, 2023, 06:17:54 AM

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I got an email the other day from Colorado Parks and Wildlife to qualify for an elk depredation hunt on the Sand Dunes Wildlife refuge. As part of that I have to shoot 6 rounds in 3 minutes. The first 3 are at 200 yards kneeling then 3 at 300 yards from prone. The target is 12x14 inches and you are allowed 0 misses. So yesterday I got my 338 out to the range. First I checked my zero at 100 yards. Then I went through the drill 5 times and was successful on 4. My range only goes to 200 yards so I only did the kneeling portion with a time limit of 90 seconds. I found that that was plenty of time. I never had less than 35 seconds left after my last shot.
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Looks like Wapiti medicine to me Hunterbug.
Good luck with the hunt!
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I've seen HB shoot. That's not a problem. 'Qualifying' will be his only problem.

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