Mossberg 46B .22lr

Started by branxhunter, January 14, 2024, 05:00:40 PM

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A good mate of mine recently brought home his dad's old Mossberg 46B 22lr.

He ordered a Havlin side mount from Brownells:

Then removed the open sights, bought some Leupold rings and a Vortex Crossfire scope, and turned up this morning to zero it in.

The Loopy rings had the scope sitting way up in the air, so I offered him some very low old school Weaver mounts.



Then settled in to see how it would group with a few different loads.

So rounds of choice are PowerPoint 40gn HP, and CCI subsonic HP.




Interesting, to me, how different .22 RFs shoot different ammo best. Those two brands and 'models' of ammo didn't work well in my Anschutzs or Stevens.

My first firearm was a Mossberg bolt action .410 shotgun with external choke. I learned to wing-shoot using that gun. It is my belief that it made me a better wingshooter.

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