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I ordered a custom shoulder holster about a month and half ago and just got it in .
This Shoulder holster was made for my S&W 500 PC Hunter with 10.5 barrel scoped .
The Revolver fits great .
The holster has a TYRANNOSAURUS stamped into the leather and colored .
I think it turned out great ,just like I ordered it .
The owner is very nice to talk to and will accommodate you in any way to make your leather project come out great.
Here are a few pictures of the holster with my revolver in it .
I do not have any with me wearing it I was the only one home .
Here is his web site



May 16, 2008, 11:22:52 PM
Well I finally got my grips from marschalgrips from Budapest, Hungary .
They are made out of Zebra wood .
They fit like a glove and look pretty good .
Have all sorts of bullets coming to do some load testing from jacketed to cast .
This is a fay cry from testing my Hand cannons to this small 9mm .
The bullets that are shown witht the pistol came with it .
They are steel core ,not sure about that .
I am going to unload one and then cut it in half to see for myself


FIREARMS & OPTICS / Another Big Bore
February 17, 2008, 09:18:31 AM
Well I went and did it again and added another big bore to the collection .
I actually bought it last year but just got around to taking any pictures.
It is a 500 CYRUS .
It is a blown out 416 Rigby necked to .500 DIA .
I push MY 700 GRAIN WFNGC at Vel 1850 , here are a couple loads that has been worked up .
700 Grain WFNGC 70 Grains H4895 Velocity 1850
610 Grain LFNGC 73 Grains H322 Velocity 1940
420 Grain FNGC 83 Grains H322 Velocity 2280
325 Grain Barnes XPB 88 Grains H322 Velocity 2600
Being this rifle is so light ( 8.5 ) all of these loads have a wallop indeed !!!
But it hurts so good !!!!!!!!!!
The rifle holds three rounds in the clip .
Here are two pictures of some loaded 700 and 610 grain bullets .
This rifle has put a few smiles on big bore junkies ......
My wife thinks I am compensating for something since all my firearms are big bore types ??????






RELOADING / Tis Is Not For Your Typical BB Gun !!!
January 29, 2008, 06:36:40 PM
Try shooting this out of your BB gun ....
This is a 1615 Grain .880 DIA bullet !!!!!
Notice the crimp ring ...
First picture has a 300 Grain .452 DIA Truncated Cone bullet beside it to show it's size.
Second is a close up of the same .
Third picture has a 700 Grain 500 DIA Thumper added .
I love the hot Silver stream for sure !!!


RELOADING / Bad/good Day Casting
January 06, 2008, 06:32:38 PM
Went out to the garage today to turn on the caster pot .
I set my 5 molds under the master caster to get them up to temp , usually takes 45 min and were ready to start casting .
It was a whopping 12 degrees in the garage so I went inside the house to get a different coat on and get some reject bullets to put them in the pot .
Well I got side tracked and did not check on the pot for the full 45 min .
I usually check on things every ten minutes or so .
When I went into the garage I had a huge mess and I was missing a mold !!!!
Thats right the needle seat was not seated right and half the 90 pounds was all over my casting bench and covered a mold completely up !!!
Took me awhile to chip all the lead off the bench and the mold .
The mold handles took the brunt of the lead and they got a little crispy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got everything back into good working order and I was off casting beauties for two hours until my back was and icicle .
Closed things up and went and got the snow blower going and spent the next two hours blowing the driveway .
When will spring get here ????


Well I went and done it .
I had my revolver refinished to look like a Bengal Tiger .
I think it turned out sharp to say the least .
I have been approached by two magazines to do an article on my upcoming Spring Kodiak Brown Bear hunt with which I will be using my revolver as my main firearm .
I leave in little over two weeks for a three week hunt .
Yes I will be using my 700 Grain Tryno Thumpers.
Took a beautiful Black Bear last year with the PC Hunter .
The article head line will be
"Bengal Tiger VS Kodiak Brown"
That is if I tag one !!!!!!!!

RELOADING / Cabin Tree Lead Tester
July 11, 2006, 05:55:46 PM
I got my new Cabin Tree lead tester ( ) in today .I should of got this a couple years ago .
This tester is better than sliced bread .
I have had about four different piles of pig lead that was given to me awhile ago that has been sitting on my casting bench for a long time .No way to test it unless I wanted to melt it down and cast a bullet and test it in my saeco tester ,that was not going to happen .
I tested all the questionable pig chunks in about 5 minutes .
I had everything from very hard to pure lead .
Here is a picture with a chunk of pig lead in it .
Let me also say that Jim sent this so fast I was not expecting it for another couple of days .
I will be casting again tonight .
I have 3,700 700 Grain Thumpers to make !!!!
BIG GAME / Blackie And The 500 Magnum
July 09, 2006, 01:59:43 PM
My son and I had a good Spring Black Bear hunt this spring .
We did a walk in hunt here in Alaska in the Kachemak Bay area .
We hiked in about 5 miles and I was able to take a nice 6 1/2 foot blackie with a perfect hide , no rubs what so ever .The taxidermist already has the hide .
I was able to get the bear to stop walking away from me .
When he stopped to take a look at what the noise was he sat down at an angle and uphill away from me . He had to lean a bit to look through a couple bushes to see me and when he did I took him.
One shot at 77 yards right through the heart and out his back .When the bullet struck he did a back flip and was dead befoe he hit the ground .
I used my Smith & Wesson Preformance Center 10.5 Revolver and my 700 Grain Thumpers .
The first pic is of me and the big boy.
The second pic is of the bear on it's back with one of my 700 Grain Thumpers beside the extrance hole .
This was my son's first bear hunt .
I just pulled a spring 2007 permit for a Kodiak brown bear.
The wheels are already turning !!!!!

FIREARMS & OPTICS / Target 500 Mag Pc Hunter
June 01, 2005, 04:25:03 PM
Was cleaning off my reloading bench and came across my target that I used with my first batch of 700gr bullets out of my 500 Mag PC Hunter at 50 yards . Thought a few of you would get a kick out of it .

BIG GAME / Moose
October 08, 2004, 02:55:23 PM
Had some big moose taken in our area this hunting season in Alaska .
My son-n-law got a 71" and a few friends got a 65", 60", 58 1/2" , 50 1/2" . I got nothing but a one moose burger . Getting ready to do a Grizz hunt in a week or so . Will be using my Sharps 45-120 and my side arm which is a small cannon it self .It's a S&W 500 magnum PC Hunter loaded with 700 gr WFNGC bullets  :rolleyes: Hope to get a fat beauty .

RELOADING / Big Bore Beauties
October 08, 2004, 02:39:04 PM
Hello all.
Looks like the place is all fresh and new . Just thought I would post a couple of pic's of a couple of bullets I have cast for my pretties . They are 720 gr WFNGC bullets for my Sharps rifle . I shoot these out of a 45-120 . The other one is a 700 gr WFNGC bullet for my S&W 500 magnum PC Hunter along side of it is a lone 44 mag 230 gr . Enjoy