Good hunting gear fot turkey hunting

Started by Gabe, April 25, 2024, 08:07:51 PM

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Rifle scope VS dot sight which one is more suitable for AR15 to hunt turkey

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I've read an article about AR15, but I was still confused. 
This is the article.
Rifle scope or dot sight, which one will be a better choice for me to hunt turkey?
After you read it, what's your opinion?


Welcome Gabe.

One of the 'myths' (another word for lies tood by manufacturers) is that red dots don't have parallax issues. Usually stated like this, "No matter where your eye is, the red dot is always on the target." That's a bald-faced lie. I personally owned a very high-end red dot sight. I was intrigued by the idea of "no parallax". So i tried it. The red dot moved ALL OVER THE PLACE! To say it stays on the target is beyond absurd! 

The second issue with red dots is the size, in minutes of an angle. USED TO BE, you could PAY FOR a 1MOA dot. But today, it's EXTREMELY difficult to get a 1 MOA dot. Most are 2MOAs. What that means is that at 100y, the DOT covers TWO INCHES OF THE TARGET. Two inches at 100y is EXTREMELY poor aiming ability. That's the error IN THE AIMING DEVICE. Whatever error thr firearm has is ADDED to that TWO MOA error of the sight.

How many precision shooters or snipers do you see using red dots? It's a rhetorical question. Red dots are for 'spray-n-pray" shooting. Scopes are for sniping.

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