Trouble in Africa?

Started by rockinbbar, April 10, 2008, 01:21:41 PM

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Quote from: kombi1976;87818What can you hunt in Zimbabwe?
And how bad is the cholera outbreak?
Mugabe declared it over a few days back but secret BBC footage seemed to suggest it was far from finished.

You can hunt most animals here in Zim, excluding gemsbok, blackface impala, black wildbeast and maybe one or two animals that do not ocour in the region. But big5 and most other animals are available.
As for the cholera, its pretty bad but as with most cases the poorer are the hardest hit! We boil our water religously. As far as mugabe is concerned theres no problem here but we all know he lives in a dream world!

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Hi guys here is a thing that is worrying me big time about Zim.
I realize that the country is in panic with the Mugabe thing and the country is not what it used to be but there is a matter that concerns me a lot in Zim.
This is not to damage the name of hunting outfits in Zim in fact I would think that Zim used to be one of the best DG hunting countries in the world. I realize that the poor guys who are left there to pick up the pieces need to get money in and survive, but what is up with the prices folk?
I firmly believe that they are gradually shooting out most of the big game in Zim buff hunts for $6 500 wow that is a bargain but what is the effect on the game for having such a low price tag on them? I had a client not too long ago who returned from his first Buff hunt up in Zim he said there is nothing left up there and to be perfectly honest I can believe it. There is no control from the governments side and people from all over Africa invade Zim to make a quick buck. So I guess what I am saying is how long can this continue from a sustainable perspective what will happen to the game up there and the poor Outfitters who need to build it back up after chaos has been restored?
I feel it is our duty as hunter too always assess the long term effect that our deeds might have to ensure that we have something left for our future generations to hunt and experience.

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Sadly I think game hunting in Zimbabwe will go the way of the government. Only with a stable government will there be an environment conducive to game conservation and reestablishment of the once great herds.

bowhunter 51

Firstly, agreeing with SHS, relying on a troubled gov. to
pick up the ball and run with a wildlife conservation
effort just don't seem likely to me...Most likely it will
rely almost soley on the efforts of hunters, outfitters and
nature interest groups...I'm afraid the day of the (great
herds)  is already over and done with "IMO"............BH51..
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I was not suggesting that a government be the leader in conservation and reestablishment of game herds. However, a stable government is needed so that like minded groups can begin rebuilding what chaos has so badly damaged.

While "great herds" may never be again, South Africa has shown that with conservation efforts, even animals such as elephants can have their numbers rebound to the point that hunting is needed to keep herd sizes down to where they become problem animals.

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They need a "Teddy Roosevelt", :smiley:  over there.....BH51.....
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Guys I am afraid that Zim will not get back on track any time soon. The government has to control hunting and monitor it since they hunt on a lot of concession land, with no rules comes extreme chaos.
At the rate things are going at the moment with the prices I just don't think in a year's time there will be anything left to hunt. It is great for the consumer but what kind of an impact does it have on the wildlife?

bowhunter 51

Time is a factor...and as for government conservation
efforts, presently, in dwindling habitat world-wide trim'n
herds to reduce problems with habitants is easily mis-
interpreted as wild-life rebound....setting aside vast
expanse of fertile land for park/wildlife is about the only
resolve...I just don't see it happen'n in this day & age....
Here in the USA, we've been very fortunate that in the
early days created in just the nick-of-time, programs that
saved our wildlife..........................................................BH51....
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Since this topic started I have returned to Zimbabwe and RSA several times. Had zero problems anywhere (well, maybe the Jo'burg airport typical jams). Hunting was fantastic as always, trophies were received home and I'm returning again soon. There will always be trouble in paradise. Remember, it was our own western politicians who demanded white rule turn over each country to "democratic" rule....well, we left our brothers to fend for themselves. Now the Baboons have control of everything and what else could you expect? If anyone plans on hunting or vacationing in Africa, I'd do it now. I doubt any of us will be returning in 5-10 years.
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Maybe hunting in Africa is more dangerous. Taking ar15 with LPVO scope, is it ok? My scope is so good.
But I don't know whether it suits for Africa hunting.
In addition, do I need another red dot?
Because I read this article about ar 15 scopes recently. Do I need another dot sight?