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Started by Rohann, January 15, 2005, 10:07:47 AM

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Which brand?

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buckshot roberts

:) Hey, Guys thanks for all the info, I can eat, till I get full on this page, I have the savage 99 sighted in at a 175 yds, using 180gr ammo ,same as I will be when hunting, Now if i done it correctly, It should go 2,in high at 50 yds 2 1/2 in high at 100, 1 1/2 in high at 150, on the money at 175, and 2 in low at 200, Now I had a friend laser sight it for me, and  if it dont shot like I had it, (He is still my friend,) ;) , The win-model 86 in 45/70 ,using  405gr ammo will fall  5,in at 125 yd's, It's just my luck that the I did not sight my win-70 in 30-06 using 220gr, I should have stayed, with the 180,gr, that I had been using, but I didn't  and missed a big buck, last year, It's just my luck that the lyman alaskan is no longer made, how about the Zeiss, Is it still around, I my look on ebay
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Hi buckshot roberts,

      Now if you are serious about the old time look scopes, well then whilst searching places like e-bay. Keep an eye out for the Ajax fixed power scopes like 2 1/2, 3x & 4x as a lot of these have straigh tubes at the front with a normal larger eye piece at the rear. They are German mostly from the 20's-30's and of excellent quality. I have beed trying to prize one from my friend but he won't let it go despite never using it:rolleyes: .
      My Hensodlt Duraltyn scope came from e-bay back in 2003, the rifle I wanted to put it on, well the deal never happened and so it's in the draw waiting until I decide on a suitable rifle for it. It's a rail mounted scope so mounts may have to be made. Now for ole time looks yet modern construction and perfomance then you might like to look at this one :-
It's a 4x21 Pecar scope made to look right on the No4T Enfield rifle. You might need to sit down at the price though:eek:  Pecar Berlin is not cheap by any means but they do make one hell of a scope. I have 3 Pecars which I brought used.
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We all have our postions on scopes and pickup trucks...:)

What you said about the comparison of Nikon & Leupold scopes isn't apples to apples...

The Nikon Buckmaster 3-9X40 and the Leupold Rifleman 3-9X40 are the same cost at 2 places I know of...$199.99 at Walmart & Cabelas.

I was needing a scope for my Savage 99 in .243 & compared them side by side....The optics and paralax as well as the sharpness of the reticle in the Leupold was much better.....Being an owner of several Leupolds already, I knew them to hold zero excellently.

I picked the Leupold of course....It did not disappoint me at all. It workss just as well as the other Leupolds I have.

As far as Nikon goes, I have some definate opinions on them as well, concerning my $10,000.00 survey instrument that quit working while in warranty.
The first time I sent it to be fixed, it wasn't fixed at all. They said they didn't know what was wrong with it, & sent it back.
It continued to not work, so I sent it back to them to fix...(By this time the 2 year warranty had expired.....I got it back & it finally works now after I spent about $3000.00 more on it. Nikon said they would not honor the warranty, even though they could not fix it within the warranty period when I sent it to them.

Now, that being said, a Leupold has a full lifetime warranty. That instills value in any product to me. Never mind the bad taste I get in my mouth when I think about the way Nikon responded to someone that bought their product in faith to earn a living with.

Nikon------Made in Japan

Leupold-----Made in the USA  (My choice)

As far as the other scopes in Burris & Zeiss, I admit no experience with Zeiss.
Had a Burris that shot well once, but the adjustment ring for the variable power was extremely hard to turn.

I just stick with what works for me.....Like my Dodge Truck :D

Might not be for everyone, but works for me.

I shoot the lower end Leupold scopes that are very affordable, so I have a hard time believing that the others are that much cheaper.....If I get my Leupold for $199.99 and the Nikon is $200.00 cheaper, then that means they would have to pay me a penny to take one of their scopes....;) (Which I would not....because I like the company to stand behind their product)

I'm not bashing what your product, Rick.
Just stating the experience I have had, and what works for me.

Remind yourself often to SEE not just "look".

buckshot roberts

:cool: I like for companys to stand behind their products also, you dont see that much anymore even with some u.s.a made stuff,  leupolds are very good scopes, I looked on ebay this morn, and zeiss scopes are going for $500-$1,599.00, and it's the same with some leupolds, saw a lyman alaskan for $192.00, no ajaxs, I was looking at some of the hunt'n and shoot'n books I have and not one of them has a copyright before 1951," all hand me downs", I with y'all on," works for me ",  I have a 59 gmc 3/4 step side truck, 17.5 tires, she get 27,mpg :D, I like the old and out dated.
We got too complicated......It\'s all way over rated....I like the old and out dated way of life........I miss back when..


     have you looked at the tasco super sniper series? From what ive heard, they are veeeeerrry durable and rugged, good optics, excelent adjustments and they only cost $299 for the rear paralax adjustment and $399 for the side focus.(
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Hi all,
I haven't posted here in quite a while, but:
Thanks for all the replies. I have decided to start a new project recently; I'm going to build a M1891/30 Mosin Nagant Sniper rifle. It is not going to be authentic or even "repro", as they are much too expensive. Here is what I plan on doing to an 1891/30:
-Install a turned down bolt body
-Refinish stock
-Put on some kind of scope mount and rings
-Put on a low-magnification, small objective lense scope (from 4x-6x, objective lense no bigger than 40mm)
I haven't started yet, but I am looking at ideas for a scope. I would go with a Leupold, except they are very pricey and so are Swarovski's, Burris's, Zeiss's, Khales's, etc.
My main requirements are: Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof, warranted, and the technical features I listed above. I'm not looking for anything fancy; just for something durable and practical.
Oh by the way, I think the site is

Lost Hunta

A weaver K scope or low power v series.

I heard only good things about the SS scopes. Are they really made by Tasco? TASCO!!! seriously, i heard that but i found it hard to belive. No offense to Tasco but did they just decide to go all out or something?
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I didn't know tasco made them.  I've read a lot of really good reviews about them also.
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I have owned a Leupold forever and whenever there has been a problem they have come through fast and efficiently, never a problem. As for there scopes I love the rainguard and how much light it lets in on the bad weather days, early morning,and evenings.


Quote from: RodI have owned a Leupold forever and whenever there has been a problem they have come through fast and efficiently, never a problem. As for there scopes I love the rainguard and how much light it lets in on the bad weather days, early morning,and evenings.

Hello Rod and welcome to the forum. I used to be a Leupold man forever....I'm 61 years old....but there is a new sheriff in town. To wit: Zeiss. Lighter, better, cheaper, same comparison. Try one, you'll like it. Regards, Rick.
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j0e_bl0ggs (deceased)

'*** German' for me... Schmidt & Bender and for a budget scope -  Meopta
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Actually for such a project i would to to eastern Europe for a scope there are several that would fit the bill including some new Russian ones that would have been used is just such an application. Perhaps something like this:-

Course you still have to source a mount. There were a load of new PU scopes and mount on sale in the US... I wonder where they all went?
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i prefer using zos scopes, get them on evilbay -

theyre a little known brand (in the uk anyway) and very cheap. i'm not going into a sales pitch but they make the scopes for the chinese army and also make them for other manufacturers who then rebrand them and stick the price up 3 or 4 times.

not sure how theyll work on a .308 though; ive had 6 of them, mounted on .22lr, .17hmr, .223 and a 12ga and i've never had a problem except when i once dropped my marlin hmr and the eye piece bent upwards - then again the stock also split in two so it was understandable lol

just my thoughts
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I can recommend you a brand. CVLIFE. I bought the rifle scope and dot sight at CVLIFE before. And I think the hunting gears at CVLIFE is really not bad. You can have a try.