Wanted BSA firearms history book

Started by Boanerges, July 31, 2021, 08:08:39 PM

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If there are any books dealing with the BSA brand, mostly sporting center fire rifles I would like to know the titles or even where to purchase them.
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There is a member here - Brithunter - that is our resident BSA historian. He hasn't been around much lately. You might try to find him on FaceBook under the name Kevin Peckham. Other people to try here are: sakorick and Paul Hoskins.

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Thanks gitano!
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For some reason Faceplant won't let me log in or set up another account.
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   There is a book covering BSA's commercial production of guns although it was only printed in a small limited number so am not sure if it is still available. The title is :-

The Golden Century by John Knibbs

     My own copy is #434 of 1000. John Knibbs International wold be whom to enquire with. I will say that is not the easiest book to follow and if also covers the Airgun production that being commercial.
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