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Started by sakorick, April 10, 2023, 10:33:22 AM

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The big Gun Show at Tulsa will probably be my last, why......Too many non gun sellers taking up space and the long lines to just get in. That said I did sell a M1Carbine and found new deer rifle for Owen as he has now outgrown his Mossberg Youth .243. I was looking for a .270 for him resulting that Rick, Owen and Evan will all be shooting the Winchester .270 simplifying the reloading effort. I found him an unfired Smith and Wesson in , 270. I bet everyone is shaking their heads ?????? Smith and Wesson? Yep, here's the story. Back in the mid 70's S&W went up against Sako and Weatherby and designed the rifle. They were built in Japan by Howa for 2 years and the program was abolished. The 1500 was and is a fine rifle and came in standard and deluxe models. Not many of the  deluxe rifles were made (nobody seems to know how many) and I found one in .270. Here are some pictures. As you can see it looks like a cross between a Sako ans a Weatherby.



Talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice.


A friend of mine had one in 7mm Mag that I loaded ammo for. Nice rifle that shot straight. I see them for sale on line with some regularity. They're good rifles.

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Good to hear. I like the rather heavier than normal barrel. Those pencil barrels are cheaper and the don't seem to shoot that straight. Everyone these days want  a six pound canon!!
Talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice.


You have a knack for picking good ones Rick. Looks like it has some nice wood.