Colorado antelope

Started by JaDub, October 06, 2018, 07:07:07 PM

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My last deer came at 150 yards.  I saw  a DANDY buck but my legs weren't ready to go that far away and certainly not the least important was getting him out.  I`d figure on up to 200 yards in Kremmling next week.


100, 140-grain, 7mm, Nosler Accubond bullets and one pound of Hodgdon Retumbo powder = $104. Not likin' the Nosler bullets very much. And that total included a 5% Vet discount. I'll explain the Retumbo later.

200 and thereabouts is a 'piece o' cake' with the 115.

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I'll share this image here and then start another thread in "Reloading".

Like I said, this was my first wildcat. Plus, after my .270 Win was stolen, my next big game rifle was a 7mm Rem Mag. Plus... I built a 7x57 Mauser for my wife. So... I have most, but not all, of the 7mm bullets that were available back in the 70s and 80s. You can even see a box of Barnes' in there, but I got rid of the Barnes 195s. The twist of the factory 7mm Rem Mag could not stabilize that pencil. When I got my .338 Win Mag, I essentially quit reloading for my 7mms except for the occasional 7x57, or some experiment I was conducting.

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