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ADMIN FORUM / Maintenance Procedures
January 20, 2009, 04:30:27 PM
Daryl and Barry,
I just completed running routine maintenance and I will list what I did. You guys can then do this anytime you feel the need. These aren't critical issues and don't need to be run often but it is a way to remove unwanted and unneeded stuff from the forum, that accumulates over time.
In Admin Control Panel under Maintenance button go to the Update Counters button. There are 10 items you can perform without any problem. They aren't numbered but I have numbered them in the order they appear, from top to bottom.
1) Update User Titles and Ranks
2) Rebuild Thread Information
3) Rebuild Forum Information
4) Fix Broken User Profiles
5) DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE - Rebuild Search Index
6) Rebuild Post Cache
7) [Empty Signature Cache- I haven't done this one, but it should be ok to do]
8) DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE - Rebuild Statistics
9) Rebuild Similar Threads
10) Delete Duplicate Threads
11) [Rebuild Attatchment Thumbnails- I haven't done this one, but it should be ok to do]
12) [Rebuild User Reputation- I haven't done this one, but it should be ok to due and use
      the default value of 10]
13) Update User Names
14) DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE - Update Post Counts
15) DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE - Rebuild Styles
16) Remove Orphan Threads
17) Remove Orphan Posts
Many of these functions will have a default value in the white box, use the default value in each operation.
Lastly, there is a new version of vBulletin available and we will update to it as soon as we get some information from our Server, at which time we will get information that will enable us to do our own database back ups as well. We hired it done last time but this needs to be done frequently, at least once a month if not weekly and it is long over due. This one task is probably the most important task of all of them. If THL ever crashes again, we would still have all our files as of the last update and we would be able to bring THL back. Without the database backups, we would lose THL completely.
Look these tasks over and get familiar with them. Run a  few of them every now and then so you can see the process. If you do all 10 of the ones I did, in sequence, it will take about an hour. I would suggest making sure two people aren't trying to perform the same task at the same time. I don't know what would happen, but I wouldn't want to try to find out.
I'll let you know when we have the information we need from the server and have done the backup and update.
THE CAMPFIRE / Happy Birthday AZ!
February 06, 2007, 05:01:12 PM
Hope it was a great one!!
ELK HUNTING / Finally!
November 19, 2005, 07:34:24 PM
I went to Montana twice this year. First with bow and arrow. Saw alot of elk, some excellent bulls but wasn't fortunate enough to get a shot off. Since my tag was still good, I decided to go back during rifle season and try again. I hunted elk for a week, passing on several bulls, including two that would have been real nice, if they had had good horns on both sides. I decided to go hunt deer and took a nice 4x4 right away. I still had a couple days left so I went back to hunting elk and on my last evening, I came across this fellow grazing with three other bulls. Dropped him with one shot from my 7Mag at 175 yards.
I just read the post about toxic shot and saw Jay's post about ringing a barrell. It got me to reflecting back and I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced what was called "ringing a shell."
When I was a kid, we sometimes hunted ducks from large brush blinds that were quite elaborate for a blind on stilts in a lake. Once in awhile a fairly large group of men would wind up congregating at this blind and the cameraderie would commence. I first learned about "ringing" when one of the men took his pocket knife and began cutting a shotgun shell just above the brass. He worked his way around the shell until it was almost but not quite cut thru. (This was back when shotshells were made from paper) He then shot this and the entire paper part of the shell was shot out of the gun. Even then I knew this wasn't a smart thing to do, but apparently in those days some of those guys did this for fun. I am wondering if anyone else ever saw this done.