Wyoming Archery Hunting

Started by yotecurhunter, July 29, 2008, 09:06:58 AM

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Most of my friends have moved away from SW Wyoming and now I'm left with less than hard core hunting buddies or friends that already have their hunting party, routine and spots. If there is anyone out there who is a serious archery elk hunter looking for a partner to hunt elk this september in wyoming.  I'd prefer someone closer to my age and seriousness.  The hunting ranges from hiking a few miles in on logging roads and making spike camps to camping next to the truck and making smaller day hunts.  It'd be nice to have some company on those 5 day backpacking trips.  We'd be hunting the Wyoming Range or the Sierra Madres in Wyoming.

Also, I'd love to hunt whitetails in eastern wyoming.
Sean G. Harrison


Just curiuos were you planed on going if its any were near commmissary ridge on the low hams fork side i will be hunting there on 9/4/ to 9/10/ this up coming week. Like your self I have a hard time finding dependable people to hunt with. I always get into elk but solo hunting is a bit harder to get them in close enough for a good clean shot. I am 38 and hike any were from 5 to 8 or so miles a day prefer I prefer morning hunting due to the responses I get . I will be back up agin on the 18th to the 24th to try and catch the peake of the rut. I have to let you know i am a smoker but have never had problems getting elk to come in to my calls , I move at a slow to fair pace and the hunting is usually all down hill until coming back up wich for me is about 20 to thirty feet at a time due to the steep terrain. Let Me know Mark J. Evanston Wyo.