Started by sniper124, April 10, 2006, 08:57:20 AM

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Which brand of rifle is better?

8 (16.3%)
6 (12.2%)
23 (46.9%)
12 (24.5%)

Total Members Voted: 40


I assume you mean a bolt rifle. Ask a USMC sniper. Model 700 .
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Personally, I feel they all make good rifles. Sako once produced a very high quality rifle, but times change and the last one I looked at did not have the high grade workmanship of their 1960s models IMHO. So, I would say the Ruger M-77 for out of the box accuracy. But I own Rem and Win too, and they are good rifles. grayghost
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Hi greyghost,

   Yes Sako did make much finer rifles and a noticable drop in quality occured which strangely enough seems to have happened with the Beretta take over :rolleyes:  Now Berretta shotguns do not seem to ave suffered this drop in quality and finish. I wonder if the likes of Sako and Tikka are subsidising the Berretta production costs? :confused:

    Hmmm never been much of a fan of Berrettas myself. This stms from the early days on my Clay shooting, British Sporting Clays naturally ;) , when ever there was a hold up due to gun problems you could bet your bottom doller it was a Berretta, would.nt fire, eject or open yet because of the flash and fancy advertising campaign similar to how they marketed BMW's they were fasionable so good :rolleyes: :o . Oh after working driving a recovery truck around the notorious M25 in Southern England my opinions of BMW's plumetted as well now I would not have one as a gift :frown .

   Slick advertising makes a right dog look good :rolleyes: .
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I've owned Beretta semi-auto's for many years and they have been flawless. Never owned one of their O/U but I missed a deal on a 1959 model the other day by minutes. I did have a problem with their new Extrema. I failed to clean the action and due to some sort of lube, the action seized up last winter. One shot and it froze up. I wasn't too happy but I should have cleaned it thoroughly before taking it afield. I had to use it single shot and we had Snow/Blue Geese all over us that morning. I've seen a number of brands slip in quality and that may turn into a trend. Let's hope not. :) grayghost
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well this is a pretty old thread but I JUST MENTALLY INVENTORIED MY GAN SAFE  and remingtons prevail 721, 700, rolling block to name a few

Daryl (deceased)

Quote from: Alboy;100871well this is a pretty old thread but I JUST MENTALLY INVENTORIED MY GAN SAFE and remingtons prevail 721, 700, rolling block to name a few

I haven't owned a Remington rifle in nearly 20 years.  Nothing agaist 'em, really, but others better suited my "fancy".
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I don't know the rifle. But I know a good brand for scope. CVLIFE
In addition, I like the 1-6x24 LPVO scope from CVLIFE so much.
Wish you will also like it.