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Started by Hunterbug, February 17, 2005, 05:34:00 PM

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Also for Alliant
 Winchester's is downloadable and a little difficult to read but here is the link for the pdf
 (this file is very large, I suggest only getting the section you need at any given time)
 Also Vihta Vuori


This is on the Hodgdon site, some very cool reduced loads for youth, or whoever could benefit from them. Be great for folks with shoulder injuries or light rifles.
Youth Data

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These 2 sites may be of limited usefulness for those on Mainland America but the ADI site in particular has been an excellent source for me here in Australia and the Norma one is good for our European friends.

ADI Ltd(formerly known as Australian Defence Industries) produces military ordnance not just for Australia but world wide and they also manufacture other equipment on contract for the Australian Defence Forces and overseas nations.
They also produce a huge range of extruded powders that are the leading seller in Australia and are a big supplier to Hodgdon.
I'm uncertain exactly which Hodgdon & ADI powders are exactly the same but there must be at least a few.
Here's the reloading data on ADI's site:
Suffice to say that they cover alot of cartridges that aren't that popular.;)
I don't think I need to detail Norma's status.
Here's their English site:
Just select Reloading and then Loading Data.;)
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One site I have found to be very useful is
Lots of good data for both rifle and pistol loads.


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Hello i am new to the site and have been loading for quite some time
the hodgon link does not want to work for me i get a error 404 lol so let me give it a try i use this data because i reload 3 different rifles that are listed there the 30 carbine
300 win mag  243 win great site thanks for letting me join