Historic events

Started by sakorick, March 24, 2020, 11:57:58 AM

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....that still apply.
Talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice.


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I had a great uncle who served in the usn during WW1 I'm the submarine force. Yikes machines were cruel back then
 Another great uncle served in the Canadian Army got to France in the second group late fourteen he basically was in every major battle the Canadian Corp fought in up until and including passchendale or the third battle of Ypres.  He was wounded there and that ended is army career he and my grandfather drew straws to see who would go over seas and who would stay and run the farm. Uncle Tom got back to Canada after the war ended he was in the hospital in England for most of a year. When WW2 came about he tried to go back but they wouldn't let him because of his medical status so he joined the veterans guard and worked in the prison camp in Lethbridge. Lol there were twice as many prisoners as there were residents of the city.  He farmed on his days off. He ended up buying grain for one of the grain company s in town and was laid to rest in the cemetery in the veterans section in 1953. I get a huge amount of pleasure putting flowers on his grave as there are so few that get any attention anymore because of the passage of time. I drop a Canadian flag over his grave on Remembrance Day. Regards Tom.