Evening Fox.

Started by jaeger88, September 22, 2020, 08:11:56 AM

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Thought it was maybe time I set about the Fox's on a farm Ive shooting permission over.

Its not a big farm, but seems to have more than its fair share of vermin.

As its a dairy farm, most fields are set to pasture. Easy walking !.

Id seen two Fox's, an hour apart, on a 20 acre field a few weeks before, but shots at either weren't safe to take from where I was hiding. Tried to call them in, but the first one stopped, took one look, and carried on Mousing & marking Its territory. The 2nd Fox, I presumed was female, as it totally ignored me. :rolleyes:.

Id been back to the field three times since then, but until this visit, the wind had always been wrong.

This time the wind was right, but now there was 70 odd Cows in the field, just to make a shot interesting, if a Fox presented its self.

Sunset was about 19.45, so I was in position & set up by 18.00.
Not very comfortably I should add, as I was hiding in some low & very thorny Blackthorn bushes. ( Prunus Spinosa ).

Anyway, true to form, a small Fox appeared about 150 yds away to my left, and for maybe 10 mins, wandered about among the herd of Cows.

Very inconsiderate I thought, as it eventually disappeared, unmolested, through the opposite hedge.  

Not to be outdone, I thought Id try & second guess where it was going. So I grabbed my gear & headed for a gateway into the field Id hoped it was making for.  Got down behind the rifle, in the gateway, on the bi pod, & within 30 seconds it popped out of the hedge. I gave a squeak & it stopped side on, long enough for the 52g A-Max put it down. I ranged it at 79 yds. Turns out it was a small Dog Fox, not the Vixen I was expecting.
The other Fox, is maybe for another day.
I cant believe in fate.
If the futures all worked out, horoscopes & all that, it means none of us are responsible for anything we do, it means we are just actors in a script written by someone else. I dont believe that.


Be nicer than necessary.


I never try to hunt foxes before. But I think maybe I should give it a try. 
I always take my AR15 and LPVO scope to hunt turkeys.
Can it use to hunt foxes?
And do you rifle scope or dot sight, which one is more suitable for AR15 to hunt foxes?
I read an article about AR15 scope but I have no answers. 
What's your opinion?