How to Fix Broken "Old THL" Links.

Started by gitano, June 26, 2023, 12:36:36 PM

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Here's a copy of a broken link

I've drawn a line through what needs to be deleted.

Heres what that link would look like when it's fixed. Added text is in yellow

Here's what to change: (OR DON'T if you don't feel comfortable doing it!)

1) Add "forum." between "www." and "". (Don't forget the "dot" after the "m" in "forum".)

2) Delete "forums/showthread" between ".com/" and ".php?" .

3) Add "index" right before ".php?" where you just deleted "forums/showthread".

4) AFTER "php?t" ADD "opic".

After editing, it should look like like the following. DO NOT USE CAPS. I only used them below for clarity's sake.*****
I used asterisks (*) instead of numbers, so no one thinks they have to put in the specific numbers I might have used. Put in the numbers from the ORIGINAL/BROKEN link.

REMEMBER - copy the number down BEFORE editing.

Be nicer than necessary.