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My "Aussie" and "New Zealand" THL friends,

This particular thread has not much to do about hunting "down under" has to do with an 8 year series produced and filmed in Australia concerning folks living on the land in Australia with cattle and sheep.  

I first saw one of the episodes about 2002 and was greatly impressed with the story and the beautiful contry where it was filmed.  My number of years working for a major airline and meeting folks from AU and NZ prompted me to watch this particular television episonde with much interest.   I was born and raised in the city but had many experinces with farming and ranching enterprises with some relatives, so I consider myself as somewhat a country boy.
So now to my question for my THL friends.  What are your thoughts as to the accuracy of the "McLeods Daughters" series.  I was so taken with the early episodes that I ended up with purchasings all 8 years of the DVDs...which I watch on occasion several times a year.
Appreciated your thougts and observations and criticisiams(sp).....thanks folks..:COOLdude:
Ol' John...:Banghead::sleeping:
Well, I had to start a thread on this "off-spring" designed by Gitano & yours truly. While not a 'super magnum' we are both of the opinion that it does find a place in the scheme of things.
I do not have a scanner so I will not be able to post the results of "Load From A Disk" but I hope to have these results scanned and posted soon.
How did this particular cartridge come about? During one of our many discussions Paul and I discussed a 338 caliber cartridge that would fit/function well in one of the many surplus Mauser actions available today. I had remembered reading a number of years ago about a cartridge designed by gunsmith Charles M. O'Neil in the late 1940's or early '50s. It was called the .33-50 O'Neil or the .33 Mauser. O'Neil was also one of the designers of the .333 OKH which was a popular wildcat in its day. If you are interested in the history of this wildcat or many of the other wildcat designs I urge you to purchase "Wildcat Cartridges" by Ken Waters.
Paul is/was of the opinion that the 200-210 grain quality bullets would be the best combination of velocity/bullet weight for most of the animals hunted in Alaska, excluding the Brown & Polar bears.
I am still in the process of completing rifles in this caliber for Paul and I. Pics will be posted when they are completed. Paul and I do not expect hunters/shooters will be "standing in line" to have a rifle built in this caliber/cartridge. In fact, there may only be two in existance when all is said and done. After all....."you don't throw the baby out with the bath water", do you?
Ol' John...
RELOADING / Old Grumpy "Geezer" guy needs your advice!
January 13, 2010, 08:45:06 AM
We seem to have a number of .223 Rem fans posting here so this thread is primarily directed at you...:jumpingsmiley:

Plan to begin doing a lot of varmint shooting come this April or May. Coyotes and feral hogs being the primary game.

Looking for bullet/loads for 40-45 gr .22 caliber. Rifle will be a Winchester Model 70, post '84, carbine w/20 Inch barrel. Never had the occasion to use bullets less than 50gr. Powder choices are AA 2015BR and BallC2 at the present time.

Suggestions from the varmint guys like rockinbbar and gmoney will be greatly appreciated:jumpingsmiley:

Ol' John...:Banghead: :sleeping:
THE CAMPFIRE / December 07, 1941 - 68 Years Ago
December 07, 2009, 04:49:50 AM



OL' JOHN...:Banghead: :sleeping:
Paul, you have been trained in scientific inquiry.  What are your thoughts on this Al Gore Global Warming stuff.  What I am reading is that its just a theory unsubstantiated  by any meaningfull facts.  I plan to write my senators and congressmen to vote "NO" on this matter but would sure like your input.  Maybe some other folks here at THL would be interested also.

Care to comment?

Ol' John...:Banghead: :sleeping:
CLASSIFIEDS / Canjar Single-Set Trigger for Rem 788
November 27, 2009, 06:07:17 AM
Friends & Neighbors,

Ol' John has for sale a like new Canjar single-set trigger for Remington 788 rifle. Like new, shipped via USPS Priority Mail for $125.00, Texas residents add 6.25% sales tax. Send PM if you are interested.

Great days are ahead..:jumpingsmiley:

Ol' John...:Banghead: :sleeping:

**************SALE PENDING**************
THE CAMPFIRE / Thanksgiving Supper - Texas Style
November 26, 2009, 05:12:01 AM
Friends & Neighbors..Aussies and New Zealanders also,

Check the "CHUCKWAGON" for ol' Johns receipe.

Best regards to all and a most "Happy Thanksgiving" is my wish.

Ol' John...:sleeping:
THE CHUCKWAGON / Thanksgiving Supper-Texas style!
November 26, 2009, 05:03:01 AM
The following receipe is not for the feint of heart.....:help:
It has been my family tradition for the last 20 years or so, to substitue Chili & Tamales for the usual Turkey & trimmin's. Here is our chili receipe.
In a 6 quart slow cooker........................
5 to 6 pounds of meat..preferably chili grind Venison but beef, chicken or pork may be substitued.
1 medium onion diced.
1 tsp granulated garlic or a coupla cloves diced.
2 cans Rotel Chili fixin's.
2 pkts of Wick Fowlers Two Alarm chili ingredients.
Water to just cover the meat..........stir to mix all the ingredients!
Turn the cooker to HIGH.........cook for 4-5 hours. stir occasionally!
YUMMY....:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup: :stars: :stars: :help:
Add the flour packets about 30 minutes prior to eatin' time...stir again
Ol' John..:Banghead: :sleeping: up a batch right at this moment....the aroma is wonderful!
THE CAMPFIRE / Movies--TV--Books and such!
October 01, 2009, 08:45:46 AM
Howdy folks,

Thought I would start this discussion with a movie or two from our friends "down under" that I thought were most enjoyable.

Here we go...

"A TOWN LIKE ALICE"..based on the book by Nevil Shute and stars Bryan Brown and Helen Morse. The time period being WWII, two people meeting as prisoners of the Japanese in Malya and continuing to the outback of Australia in the late 1940's. A very good story with great acting and great scenery. This was a made for TV movie and running time is just over 300 minutes. Worth a watch in my estimation. You gotta love the "Aussie" dialoge...I learned lots of new words/idioms that I use on a daily basis. Give it a go if you have not seen it before.

"MCLEOD'S DAUGHTERS"..our good mate Kombie1976 sez he despises this TV series that ran for 8 seasons...hmmm..thats OK as I despised the US TV series...."DALLAS". But still in all, I found the acting in this series to be excellent and the cast to be worth watching. Some of the stories were beyond "belief" but they were few and far between. The first 3 seasons were pretty exceptional for me concerning the personal interactions between the two half sisters Claire and Tess. The country side was exceptionally beautiful as every scene was shot on location in New South Wales.

Well, thats it for now. Movie lovers out thar -- speak up!! We need a little pleasent relief from the politics and such that is currently all over the press and TV. I think so anyway!

Best regards,

Ol' John..:Banghead: :sleeping:
THE CAMPFIRE / A True And Heartwarming Story!!!!
August 03, 2009, 11:52:53 AM
Friends & neighbors,
I found this story on a WWII forum that I go to frequently. Just simply amazing about a bracelet belonging to Pvt. John L Page that was found in the Hurtgen Forest in 2007. For those of you not familiar with the Hurtgen Forest during WWII, an intense and fierce conflict in December, 1944.
This story brought tears to my eyes and perhaps maybe yours if you read the story. I will try and attach a pic of the bracelet that started the search.
Hope you will take the time read:biggthumpup:
...... ......
Ol' John:Banghead: :sleeping:
Friends & Neighbors!!!

Some good news from down here by the Llano River in downtown Castell..!  I have leased a building where I will have a shop to get back into the rifle building business..:biggthumpup:  

Its probably going to take me at least 30 days to get it ready and move my lathe from storage along with all the other odds/ends..!:smiley:

More info and pics at a later date!  I just had to get my goods news out to you folks, my friends & neighbors!.:smiley:


Ol' John..:Banghead: :sleeping:
THE CAMPFIRE / Benefits Of Getting Older!?
October 28, 2008, 07:57:33 AM
Friends & Neighbors!

A good morning to all!:biggthumpup:

Picked up my Texas hunting license the other day....and since I am now past 65 I was eligible to purchase the SUPER COMBO HUNTING/FISHING LICENSE FOR $30.00!:hat:

This license has all the bells & whistles to hunt and fish everything in Texas.  This includes fresh & saltwater fishing.

I still have to buy the Federal Migratory Bird stamp however....:frown

Now to find the time, place to go and the MONEY!:eek: :frown :undecided:

Ain't life grand!:greentongue:

Ol' John:Banghead: :sleeping:
Friends & Neighbors,

Just read about this new rifle that Marlin has introduced..the XL-7. A bolt rifle chambered for the 25-06, 270 and 30-06. 24 inch barrel, synthetic stock with internal block magazine holding 4 cartridges. MSRP of $326.00 for the black synthetic and $356 for the camo synthetic. Real world prices will be less that, of course.

Why do I even mention this..? I was really impressed with the XL-7's predessor, the MR-7 which was a really well made and well fitting rifle to me.:biggthumpup:

Just some verbal meanderings on my part. Hope I get to see one soon.:hat:

PS. first person to post a pic gets a chocolate chip cookie!
Ol' John:Banghead: :sleeping:
THE CAMPFIRE / Need hunting info - Kuna, Idaho area!
February 27, 2008, 08:39:17 AM
Friends & neighbors,

May have the opportunity to hunt mule deer and/or elk in the Kuna, Idaho area, some 18 miles SW of Boise.:biggthumpup:

Anyone out thar that might be able to give me some info?

Ol' John:sleeping:
FIREARMS & OPTICS / I Don't Do Shotguns!! Help Please!
November 27, 2007, 11:16:29 AM
Friends & Neighbors...a good mornin' to y'all!:biggthumpup:

OK here is where I need yore help.  A good friend asked me to remove the plug on a Winchester 97 pump shotgun and since he is a good friend I said I would give it a go!:undecided:

How does I do this little chore?:Banghead:

Ol' John:sleeping:
RELOADING / Need advice on a load for a 25-06!
October 18, 2007, 06:18:47 AM
Friends & neighbors,

Need to load some ammo for a customer.  I have new load books on order as my current books are a bit outdated.  The pertinent data is................................

25-06 brass nickel plated by Remington
100gr Nosler Ballistic tips
W-W LR primers
AA 4350 powder

Suggestions please:Banghead:

Ol' John:confused:
THE CAMPFIRE / Chili On The Noon Menu--come On Down
October 14, 2007, 06:04:57 AM
Friends & neighbors,

Autumn temps are here and I am making CHILI:end: for lunch/supper today.  Really still a bit too warm for chili but that is just not the point.....I AM HUNGRY FOR CHILI:Banghead: :greentongue: and I is a-gonna do it.:frown

Oh yeah, tortillas and jalapenos on the side!:biggthumpup:.  Maybe a beer to wash it down.:biggthumpup:

COME AND GET IT!!:hat: :sleeping:

Ol' John (still at play in the fields of the bewildered!)
October 05, 2007, 09:50:39 AM
Friends & neighbors,

Good news to share with new Dell 'puter arrived yesterday..signed up with for satellite internet to be installed 13 October.  Yahoo!!!!  Now maybe I can back to business and pleasure.:biggthumpup:

Hope "Murphy":Banghead:  is elsewhere for many days to come.  

Sure miss chatting with you good folks!:MOGRIN:

Ol' John:sleeping:
THE CAMPFIRE / I am back....well, more or less!
August 13, 2007, 07:39:20 AM
Friends and neighbors!!!!

After 2 months without a computer and having withdrawl symtoms.....I at last got smart and decided to use the computer at the Llano County library.

I have made the move from the ranch and now live in Castell,TX at a rented house that I share with my good friend David. At last a cool place to rest and relax.

Hope all is well with all my good friends here at THL!:jumpingsmiley: Will try and get back at least once a week. Y'all take care now, ya hear!!!!:nana:

Ol' John:toilet:
THE CAMPFIRE / CASTELL, TEXAS....population ... 5
March 12, 2007, 07:04:58 AM
A good Monday morning to all:biggthumpup:
I want to share with you my new found little bit of HEAVEN I discovered last summer. Castell is located in the NW corner of Llano county and is the oldest community of folks in Llano county. I will post some links to give you a better idea of this wonderful place. When I get the pics resized I will post for your perusement.
Bear with me!!!:Banghead:
.... ...
.... ...
Ol' John:hat: