How about a look into the Civil War...

Started by Daniel in Ak, March 09, 2005, 05:51:35 PM

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Daniel in Ak

I read alot on here about the Civil War but I never see anything,so I decided to show some of my Civil War relics I've dug over the years....Yep this i smy other hobby.
During the winter of 1862.The Army of the Potomac camped on the banks of the Potoma River at Waugh Point,Va or more specifically at Belle Plain Landing near Falmouth,Va.
After gaining permission,we hit a spot down low and found hut after hut sites.After getting an iron signal I started to open a hut. And started to find discraded whisky bottles and ink's.Here I am with one of each...and they have been in the ground since 1862.

Here they are as I dug them....
Ya'll ready for more Civil War on hands? Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Great pics!!!
Do you have to have a permit to dig in Va?
Around here where there's is so much Civil War history we aren't allowed to dig anywhere and no permits are given.  With luck you might find something just looking around on the ground.
We used to live near Gettysburg and if they even caught you with something resembling a shovel they would throw you "under the jail".  A person used to be able to walk around the battlefield now they can't.  Only by organized rides are you all allowed on the battlefield.
And they have a night ride for anyone interested in seeing ghosts.

Daniel in Ak

hey draggy....You know about 75% of the Civil War was fought in Virginia and no you do not need a permit.But you do need to gain permission while hunting private property.I have friends in Pa that hunt around Gettysburgh on there own land and on private property.
You can metal detect anywhere that is legal according to state laws Dragon....And I do see alot or Civil War relics being dug in Pa.
Only Archaeologist are able to obtain permits for digs/excavating purposes's but they need a good reason on why they want to in Battlefield sites.


I know you can hunt/dig private property.  I could probably find CW relics on our land if I set in digging.  There's an old graveyard up the hill from us full of CW casualties.  The county is in the process of making it a historical site as we speak.  No one knew the cemetery was there until a surveryer found it.  It was on private property and the people who owned the property all died so a builder was going to buy the property from the county to build new homes and had to have it surveyed.  

I love old CW cemeteries and old cemeteries in general.  I walked through several in our area and what finds!!!

There are a lot of Headhunters in our area too and they find beautiful hand crafted heads.
But there's just something about Gettysburg, Pa.  I worked in Gettysburg for a while and it was awsome driving thou the battleground at night.  You know how you get the hairs standing up on the back of your neck....never failed!!! Spooky!!!:D

Daniel in Ak

yeah I know what ya mean Dragon.And it's sad that anyone would want to build over an old cemetary such as that.I also like driving and checking out old cemetaries.The wife and I left Va and went to Pa and in one town we found a cemetary and most of them where from the 1700's man thats cool.I like taking pictures of them old headstones also.
Since Im big into the Indian Wars era as well,we actually got to drive into Arlington National Cemetary and i took pictures of the stones that had anything to do with Arizona history since Im from there.
I hope you get the time to photograph that cemetary before anything happens to it.Daniel


I'm going to walk in to where the cemetery is just as soon as I can meaning when weather permits.  I have a clue where it is located.  No one will be allowed to build any where around the cemetery, not for now anyway, maybe never if they should designate the cemetery as a historical site.

I'm sort of a history buff myself Daniel and love to go look and take pics of headstones.  And I love historical sites.   I'm always thinking "OH WOW I'm standing where this took place or someone gave a special speech"  And to visit a Plantation is right up there with visiting Montecello.

Since you live in the area have you ever visited Barkley Plantation?

There's a cemetery there surrounded by fencing, no headstones.  Just where the Union stopped for a few days and the bodies are just under the ground.  Pretty awsome!!! Just to stand there and take it all in.

Daniel in Ak

It is truly breath taking to stand someplace so significant in time or known about.That's what makes metal detecting so rewarding to me.
When I lived in Virginia we visited alot of Plantations.And the Barkley one sounds familier.Also when I was in Texas we took off to dig relics in Louisiana and hunted the front yard of a plantation that was built in 1855 and burned by the Confederates and later was rebuilt upon on the old location sometime after the Civil War,well the new owners where restoring it and had already put three million into it,let me tell you the Union Army camped in that front lawn of that plantation as we found over 500 miniballs(bullets) that first day.We gave the owner a bucket load of stuff so he could have a mini museum of sorts of what has been found on that property.
Cant wait to see the pictures after you take them.Daniel


I will do that for sure Daniel!!!  Just as soon as the weather co-operates.

I can't be sure right at this moment without looking but I'm thinking Barkley was the home of Lighthorse Lee.  There was another plantation close by and I'm not sure which was which when it comes to the origianal owners.