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Started by gitano, January 01, 2023, 12:51:23 PM

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Here are SOME instructions for saving, either as a PDF file, or you can send to a printer, (yikes!). These instructions SHOULD work on either a Mac or a Windows computer. I'll start first with how to get a thread stored, then I'll provide a recommendation on how to get to the threads you want to store. I'm still going to contact GoDaddy regarding DVDs of the entire database in a format suitable for accessing AND READING with either a Mac or Windows machine.

1) Open a thread that you want to store. The top of the thread should look SOMETHING like this:

"Click on" the FARTHEST RIGHT-HAND "down arrow" - the one pointed to in the above image. A pop-up menu should pop up. :grin: Click on "Select All", (where the arrow is pointing in the following picture).

2) On a Windows machine, hold down the "Control" key AND the "P" key. On a Mac, hold down the "Command" key AND the "P". These commands SHOULD cause a "printing" menu to pop up. On either operating system, you should see options to send to your printer to print, OR, to "Save as PDF". I recommend that you "Save as PDF", but if you want a "hard copy" of the thread, (printed version), choose the "Print" option.

3) When you select "Save", (or "Print"), a menu will pop up asking about options for how you want it printed, OR WHERE you want it saved. If you choose "Save to PDF", the default file name will be the name of the thread, and the default location will be your "desktop". Once it shows up on your desktop, you may move it to whatever storage location you care to.

Now, let's look at how to find threads using the THL search engine. (Which is pretty poor for anything more than basic searches.)

From the "Home" page, the top should look similar to this:

Click on the "Search" button where the arrow is pointing. A popup menu should appear that looks like the below image.

Click on "Advanced Search". You should see something like the following.

Let's say you want to find all the threads STARTED by Jamie.270. Enter "Jamie.270" where the arrow is pointing.

Then click on "Search Now", (where it says "2nd").

What follows will be a list of the first 1000 threads STARTED by Jamie.270. Click on a thread that you want to preserve on your machine, and follow the instructions at the beginning of this post.

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO EXPERIMENT WITH THE SEARCH ENGINE. There is no way I can go through all the permutations of options available therein. "Fool around" a bit until you're satisfied you can find the threads you want. If there are more than 1000 threads found by the search engine, (I have just shy of 20,000 posts, not threads), you'll have to figure out how to use the various options on the search engine to parse them into blocks of 1000. :hanged:

If you have problems, start by sending me a Private Message. I'll get it, and we can discuss the issue. If it is a general problem that others might be interested in, we can post it in this thread.

As I said, I'm looking into how to get the "whole thing" on DVDs. "On DVDs" is easy. The challenge is getting it on DVDs IN A FORMAT THAT CAN BE READ by a Mac or Windows machine!

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Be nicer than necessary.