A sunny walk in the stones

Started by branxhunter, August 09, 2021, 01:39:34 PM

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s been wet and cold down here for weeks, so with a beautiful sunny morning I decided to go for a walk down in the lava flow - the stones - just south of here.

I texted the landowner and he said that they had been having trouble from a fox taking lambs in a particular area right across the far side of the stones. With a westerly breeze the plan was to walk in a big anticlockwise loop, keeping an eye out for any foxes sunning themselves in the lee of any rocky ridges.

As I snuck up over one ridge a fox scooted out to the right. Knowing it would stop for a look I quickly sat down on a rock and was ready for the shot with the Annie .222 when it looked back:


I continued on and kicked out another three but no luck - a snap shot at a head in the bracken that missed (why do they pop up when I'm balancing awkwardly on stones?), another that blasted off through the stones without looking back, and the third that I rushed the shot as it was about to disappear into cover.

The misses were a bummer but it was good to be out with a rifle in hand.



That is a nice-looking fox! Soon to be summer down there, and that fox's coat looks prime!

Nice to hear someone relate some hunting stories!

Hope all's well with y'all. ;)

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