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TURKEY HUNTING / Re: Maine Turkey hunt 2024
May 13, 2024, 02:12:31 PM

Interesting bird!

THE FISHING LURE / Re: Brook trout
May 13, 2024, 02:09:30 PM
I hate you!

TEST FORUM / Re: Image posting test
May 10, 2024, 11:57:23 AM
testing image posting
TEST FORUM / Image posting test
May 10, 2024, 11:39:03 AM
Test picture loading
I wasn't being sarcastic. I meant it when I said the GB rule on 12FPE made sense in the context of GBs other gun laws, and our shotgun-only hunting laws are silly. But... I agree with  the point that discussion of silly/tyrannical gun laws would require a entirely new firum.

That should be better for you Gabe.

I have the exact same wish and hesitancy.

The FPE restriction, while stupid and egregious, at least "makes sense", in the context of the British authority's restricting firearms. To illustrate what I mean, our "shotgun only" hunting states are equally illogical. You can't use a "rifle" to hunt with, but you CAN use a shotgun, with a slug, from a shotgun WITH A FULLY RIFLED BARREL that will cast that projectile at least 300 yd. If people in GB were allowed to use UNLICENSED pneumatic firearms of ANY FPE, then they would make them powerful enough to kill people. GB citizens CAN possess pneumatic arms with FPEs greater than 12, BUT, they have to be included on the owner's LICENSE.

I have always thought a .25 caliber PCP would be a great gun to have 'around'.

Too bad you guys get intercoursed on firearms-related components. :(  :toilet: :hanged:

What I don't know about air rifles would fill volumes. Yet here I am commenting. All I can add is my experience with centerfire ammo.

Bullets for the .44 Rem Mag come in two diameters: 0.429", and 0.430". The 0.429" bullets shoot "patterns" from my revolvers, the .430s shoot groups.

Soviet-made rifles have bores that range in diameter from 0.306" to 0.314". The larger the bore, the crappier they shoot. Small-bored rifles get .308 bullets, large-bored rifles get .311 bullets. I had a brand new Soviet M44 that couldn't keep all of its shots on a 4-FOOT X 3-FOOT piece of sheetrock at 40 paces!

From what I've read, skirt diameter on pellets is critical to precision. That said, 0.01mm is 0.00039". While "stranger things have happened", it would certainly surprise me that that would make a SIGNIFICANT difference in precision. On the other hand, if it didn't, why would 'they' make the two sizes? Personally, I'd expect the bigger ones to shoot straighter, BUT, I'd shoot the ones that ACTUALLY shot the straightest. (Duh).


PS - Regarding pellet resizers: To make 'em bigger, seems like a cone one could push into the skirt to 'over' enlarge it, followed by pushing the pellet through the 'tube' of desired size, would be a method for "sizing up".


PPS - Kinda wish I had an excuse to get a nice Pre-charged pneumatic rifle like one of those.

Welcome Gabe.

One of the 'myths' (another word for lies tood by manufacturers) is that red dots don't have parallax issues. Usually stated like this, "No matter where your eye is, the red dot is always on the target." That's a bald-faced lie. I personally owned a very high-end red dot sight. I was intrigued by the idea of "no parallax". So i tried it. The red dot moved ALL OVER THE PLACE! To say it stays on the target is beyond absurd! 

The second issue with red dots is the size, in minutes of an angle. USED TO BE, you could PAY FOR a 1MOA dot. But today, it's EXTREMELY difficult to get a 1 MOA dot. Most are 2MOAs. What that means is that at 100y, the DOT covers TWO INCHES OF THE TARGET. Two inches at 100y is EXTREMELY poor aiming ability. That's the error IN THE AIMING DEVICE. Whatever error thr firearm has is ADDED to that TWO MOA error of the sight.

How many precision shooters or snipers do you see using red dots? It's a rhetorical question. Red dots are for 'spray-n-pray" shooting. Scopes are for sniping.

SEND IN THE CLOWNS! / Re: The first,...
March 30, 2024, 11:08:32 AM

FIREARMS & OPTICS / Re: j0e_bl0ggs guns
January 15, 2024, 02:06:32 PM
I wondered about that too, Marcus. I haven't come up with an answer. He liked the .17 Rem, and one of them shot "little bug-holes". (I don't remember which one.  :( )  I haven' shot either of them yet. I do remember that his favorite load 1) used Vihtavouri powder, and 2) MV was under 4000 f/s. Maybe under 3800. I'm not too interested in a .17 bullet doing less than 4000, because 1) I know it's easy to get them going faster, and 2) if I have a 40-grain .22 bullet going 4000+ (from the .22-250), I don't really care about a 25-grain, .17 caliber bullet doing 3700. The .17 Remington that I have had from the early '80s has an average MV of 4112 with a 25-grain Hornady. It doesn't shoot as precisely as is reported on line for most .17 Rems - "only" 1-MoA at 100. (There's an interesting story associated with that.)

I'll shoot Alain's and see what I want to do with them after that. I do have two grandsons...

Missed the articles.

Excellent reads!

FIREARMS & OPTICS / Re: Mossberg 46B .22lr
January 14, 2024, 05:10:28 PM

Interesting, to me, how different .22 RFs shoot different ammo best. Those two brands and 'models' of ammo didn't work well in my Anschutzs or Stevens.

My first firearm was a Mossberg bolt action .410 shotgun with external choke. I learned to wing-shoot using that gun. It is my belief that it made me a better wingshooter.

THE CAMPFIRE / Re: That's A Wrap!
December 31, 2023, 08:49:39 PM
Roger! Wilco!