Deer 2017

Started by Hunterbug, October 22, 2017, 06:13:30 AM

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I`m always amazed at how little damage the .308 with Sierra GameKings  is to the carcass.  My shot  ( at 138 yards )  hit the body  1/2 way down just in the right shoulder crease and exited out the other side thru the mid ribs.  Absolutely no meat damage.......  OR heart or liver damage.  Lungs were destroyed tho.
   Love my .308 .  
    Lead Slingers is OUTSTANDING !   Yes it is............      :grin:


QuoteLove my .308

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Quote from: JaDubLove my .308 .  

A 30-06 light. :happy:
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Way to go, AWESOME!! Watching your kid; "get animals" is a great feeling!;)
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