Colorado 2018 Mule Deer Hunt

Started by gitano, November 05, 2018, 12:28:39 PM

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Well there you have it.....   I learned something new today.

  I was thinking it was some double dog dare ya secret handshake framis tremble incorporating catch phrase that had escaped my innocent mind.  8-)


Pops always called good tools etc. "Skookum."  If something worked well it was a pretty skookum thing.
Also, Gerber Knives made a model called the Skookum back in the day:

They made a single and a two bladed version:

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Paul Hoskins

I thought "skookum" was an everyday word. Almost everyone in the holler when I was a kid used it. Especially the old timers like my grandfather & the Cherokee in the area. They used a lot of words not common today. Many old timers in the mountains used "kivver" instead of cover. We used many tools seldom used today. The broad ax, fro & foot ad come to mind. .......Paul H


Paul.....  I sent some pictures...…  did you not get them ??


I did, JaDub. I've just been busier than the proverbial one-armed paper hanger. I'll get to "the rest of the story" tomorrow.

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Good………  sometimes my mind gets a little behind.  8-)
  Hope you had a good turkey day.