Calling mule deer

Started by sapper12, October 18, 2004, 02:09:00 PM

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Does anyone know of a mulie call that actually calls in deer, not just make them stop and look at you? Any help would be great.
Sapper 12


look at the call made by Eastman's. I've personally seen it work. It will call in does and young bucks for sure. I've seen the does come running full blast and get in your lap before they realize they've been duped. It works on coyotes pretty good, too.


How about "Here! Mulie, mulie mulie!"......??

Remind yourself often to SEE not just "look".


hey thanks.  Anyone know where I can get that Eastman call and what the model name is?  I've looked all over the net, but found nothing.


I've never tried a deer call but my Grandfather has used a coyote call to call in deer. And that was what he was trying to do and it worked. He'd missed a shot at a buck and the deer took off. So he started calling and after a minute the buck came back. He didn't miss the second time. He was using a rabbit in distress call.
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hey sapper12
 the call is called deer talk I have had deer run from three hundred yard to fifty  stop  and look at me It,s a very good call
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Thanks for all the info.  I ordered that call and can't wait to use it.