Any Civil War Reenactors here?

Started by Yellowhammer, February 10, 2006, 06:12:30 PM

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I am a reenactor, not as active as I once was but I still do it from time to time. I love going to the Battlefields and walk the ground that my ancestors did. Seeing a monument or marker with their unit/units on it, just does something to me. I have been to several battlefields but I reckon Shiloh, Tenn. is my favorite. Just to bad that the anniversary dates for Shiloh is during turkey season, so I don't get to participate in the living history programs. Any way, if you are a reenactor what unit or company are you with.

Jay Edward (deceased)

There may be somebody here that does Civil War re-enacting but I don't recall offhand anybody posting about it.  There are a few of us that do have and shoot firearms of that era but not in any organized way.

I do visit battlefields in my own state of Montana but they run more to the Indian Wars since Civil War battlefields are not plentiful this far west and north.  Other sites are Fur Era sites since the North West Co. and the H.B.C. established Trade Houses hereabouts.

But, welcome to THL and we hope you'll visit from time to time.  I have hunted with my CW firearms and took a nice buck this year with my paper Sharps; the second for that rifle.  In the past, I've taken a couple of bucks with my 1860 Army.  I've taken nothing with the sword... I've not even managed to cut myself with it.

Here is an image of the CW era firearms I do have:

buckshot roberts

;) Me I've never been one, but The state has some, reenacts i get to see, That's one of things i like about being  in germany was going to  some  of battlefields of WWII,
:D A nice lot of B/P firearms you have Jay
We got too complicated......It\'s all way over rated....I like the old and out dated way of life........I miss back when..


Nice collection indeed, thanks fer posting the pix Jay. I have a neighbor who does the reinacting. Maybe can find out more details fer ya later. I visited Shilo a few years back. I enjoy the old battlefields myself. Though have never been to a reinactment.

bowhunter 51

We have reenactments at the state park up the road, about twice a year.....
You never heard such comotion!....Tha hoopin' and hollerin', black powder and
cannons blastin'.....Ha....Ha....lots of fun.....big turnouts, usually....They put
up camps, tents and stuff,  horses....It's at an old fort on the bluff overlooking
the Old Mississippi river called Ft. Pillow...They got a small museum....It's cool!.
It gets pretty.....Me and the Mrs. will take some digital's and I'll post em'........
I don't do any reenactments myself though...............................................
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We have a lot of reinactors here in Pa. Years ago I was in a restaraunt and found out the waitress was a reinactor. She told me about the movie "The Civil War" that was made in Gettysburg on the battlefield. They closed off the park to make the movie. She then told me all the extras,soldiers, were reinactors in the movie. She said they were paid with ammunition and such for their units for being in the film. I like to read about the war and being in Pa brings a lot to life when visiting the battlefields.

bowhunter 51

Earthen' fortifications at Ft.Pillow on a strategically located peice of the bluff
overlooking the Ole Mississippi river. Confederates built it, swapped hands a'
couple of times. Some say there was a massacre..Miles of CHALLENGING hikeing
trails and my personal favorite............THE SWINGING BRIDGE!!!.........
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bowhunter 51

Earth'n fortifications at FT.Pillow, strategically located on a tall bluff overlooking
the Ole Mississippi river, bout 50+miles north of Memphis..Swopt' hands a couple
of times..some say there was a massacre...Miles of CHALLENGING hike trails and
MY personal favorite.....The Swing'n Bridge!......Re-enactments held annually...
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I'm waiting till they have a Custer's Last Stand reenactment, or maybe French-Indian war reenactment.  That could be alot of fun....


I started reenacting in 1985. 1st Tennessee Reg't. Company A "Rock City Guards" CS  Infantry. My hayday was the 125th anniversaries all around the eastern and western theater. At Gettysburg we had over 13,000 in uniform. Today we've topped that by several thousand but I rarely have time anymore. My business is in metal detecting so I relic hunt as much as possible. Good hunting, grayghost
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