Reloading with the Lee Loader

Started by 22hornet, August 11, 2010, 10:09:15 PM

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Here is an "over the shoulder" look at reloading with the Lee Loader.
First, the kit.

From L-R, the die, bullet seater / priming chamber, priming rod, decapping rod, decapping chamber and powder measure.
First, place your case base first in the decapping chamber. Insert the decapping rod and give a sharp tap with a plastic hammer and tap out the spent primer.

Next place the deprimed case into the die and tap home flush with the base of the die. This process sizes the neck only. (In some of the older sets, this is a full-length resize.)

To prime the sized case place a primer into the priming chamber.

Leaving the cartridge in the die, place the base of the case over the priming chamber, insert the priming rod into the neck of the case and tap the primer into place. Check to see that the primer is flush with the base of the case.

Once the primer is seated place the die over the decapping chamber and using the priming rod tap the case free from the die, but leave the die sitting over the case

Using the powder measure provided or a powder scale, drop a measured amount of powder into the case through the top of the die.

Next drop the projectile in through the top of the die.

Insert the bullet seater in through the top of the die.

Tap the top of the bullet seater home. This seats the projectile into the case. (You can adjust the seating depth by screwing the top of the die in or out of the body. Once adjusted lock it into place with the locking collar.)

Lift the die from the case.

You should have a reloaded cartridge ready to go.

Happy shooting!
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