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Started by gitano, October 19, 2022, 03:47:42 PM

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I was executor of my Dad's estate when he passed away, and as a result, had to go through all of his 'stuff'. Among the things I found was this pistol:

Here's the box top:

Looking on line, I find that this little pea-shooter is worth about $120. I wouldn't pay any more for it! But... It fits in my pocket, and I'm pretty sure I could change some ne'er-do-well's dinner plans with it, and that's ALL I ask of a personal protection weapon (PPW).

I was working on a DoD contract to make a suppressed handgun that was 'self-contained'. In other words, you didn't have to get out a suppressor and attach it to the handgun, the pistol was always suppressed as part of the design. AND, it had to have the same physical size as the current GI handguns. I used a 1911 Service 45 for the prototype, and made the custom barrel for it chambered for the 25 ACP. (They wanted proof of my novel design before they'd part with development monies.) In the end, I chose not to do business with the sons of bachelors. The moron in charge was a Class A, Mod-0 Equus asinus. That's how I came to have the cases and bullets for a .25 ACP in hand.

This is a much-maligned cartridge, and, I suppose rightly so. It's truly a wimp. And in today's "tactical" bull feathers world of testosterone-driven 20-somethings and those that exploit their stupidity, the .25 ACP is even 'worse'. Nevertheless, I HAVE ONE IN HAND, and will carry it in my pocket. At 8 feet (the statistical national average range at which a cop discharges his weapon at a "bad guy"), I can with this pistol, "change a bad guys dinner plans", as I said.

Since the caliber of this cartridge is actually 0.251", (as opposed to 0.257"), AND in today's "tacticool" world .251 bullets are "sissy stuff" and therefore unavailable, I'm thinking about using 0.250" lead wire, cut to length for a specific weight, as projectiles. I ain't concerned with "trajectory" nor "penetration", (and certainly not the tacticool "lethality factor" - ptooey!). Just want to "get their attention". A shot (or 5) to the face or neck with a 50-grain, solid lead cylinder (AKA "wad-cutter"), 0.25" in diameter, will take care of that jus' fine. Don't care how "accurate" it is either. At sub-8-feet, I am quite confident I will be able to hit what I'm pointing at. And I'll make sure of that with some test firing.

From QuickLOAD, looks like I can get a 50-grain projectile doing about 600 f/s. That'll 'leave a mark'.

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